Mr Nazir Afzal, the former CPS lawyer, in a letter to Ms Scott-Monceieff, House of Lords Commissioner for Standards, said “But For’ rule should apply” to launch an investigation on Lord Nazir Ahmed against the allegations raised by Ms Tahira Zaman …writes Anasudhin Azeez

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Lord Nazir Ahmed arrives at Heathrow (Pic from Facebook)

Mr Nazir Afzal, the former CPS lawyer, who led the landmark prosecution of the Rochdale grooming gang, urged Ms Lucy Scott-Monceieff CBE, House of Lords Commissioner for Standards, to launch an investigation into the allegations against Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham.

In a letter to Ms Scott-Monceieff, Mr Afzal said “But For’ rule should apply,” to launch an investigation.

“House of Lords Commissioner for Standards Ms Lucy Scott-Monceieff CBE says she can’t investigate the allegations against Lord Ahmed of Rotherham by Tahira Zaman,” Mr Afzal wrote in his mail. “My view in this case is that the ‘But For’ rule should apply – that but for Lord Ahmed being a peer of the realm and saying he would help her, she would have had no contact with him.

“In the woman’s view he has betrayed her trust and abused his power. Lucy Scott-Moncrieff is insistent that because the alleged behaviour didn’t take place on parliamentary premises it falls outside of the rules of parliamentary business. She’s said ‘The rules don’t allow us to investigate’.

Mr Nazir Afzal

Mr Afzal, one of the most powerful British-Asians, offended by the decision of the Commissioner.

“I disagree with that, and I’m offended by it. I don’t see how you can have one rule for lords of the realm and other parliamentarians and another for the other 10 million public officials,” Mr Afzal said in the statement.

“If there’s something wrong with the disciplinary rules they need fixing – and fixing fast. From what the alleged victim tells me she’s been groomed, and when somebody has been groomed by someone in a position of trust there is a duty to investigate. There has to be the possibility of there being other potential victims, and the police are doing a disservice by not launching a full and proper investigation’.

I understands the alleged victim has complained of non-consensual acts to Police.

“She claims Lord Ahmed sexually touched her in his car and in his home. He later passed her onto one of his assistants, who in turn passed her on to an associate. This is exactly the way grooming works.

Mr Afzal who prosecuted the members of the Rochdale grooming hang said the police failed to learn lessons from the past failed investigations.

“The police have just not done their job,” Mr Afzal told Asian Lite. “Sadly, this is typical of the way allegations of this kind have been dealt with in the past. I thought we’d learned the lessons of past failures but that’s clearly not the case. We seem to have returned to the dark days of effectively turning a blind eye’.”




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