Prime Minister David Cameron says young people face the most important vote in their lifetime as the EU referendum approaches….reports Asian Lite News
david cameron Prime Minister Cameron urged young people to convert their support for the EU into a vote in the referendum with evidence showing they will be hardest hit in the event of a downturn caused by Britain pulling out of Europe.

A broad range of experts, including the Bank of England and the London School of Economics, agree that the country’s economy would suffer as a direct consequence of leaving the EU. And in a rallying call to people at university or just starting their careers, the Prime Minister shows evidence which indicates the unemployment rate for young people is twice as sensitive to economic fluctuations compared to older workers – meaning young people will be on the front-line of any downturn sparked by leaving the EU.

The Prime Minister was making the appeal at the launch of a new ‘Brighter Future IN’ ground campaign by Britain Stronger In Europe aimed explicitly at reaching younger voters across the UK.

Cameron said: “I want to speak very directly to the young people of Britain about this referendum.  “The facts are these. Young people are less likely to vote than older people. Yet you’re the ones that are going to be most affected by the outcome – more than any other vote in your lifetime.

“The jobs you’ll do, the prices you’ll pay, the chances you’ll get to work, study and travel – so many of your future opportunities are connected to whether Britain is in or out of Europe. And remember: it’s widely accepted there would be an economic shock if we left. Who gets hit hardest by those shocks? Young people.

“So get out there. Register. Vote. Tell your parents, grandparents, friends and colleagues: this referendum will really help determine whether your generation is stronger, safer and better off. “The future is yours – and it’s in your hands.”

The ‘Brighter Future IN’ campaign will involve cross-party activity across the UK, as well as targeted communication to younger voters and activists. The Prime Minister will be in the South West to meet young supporters of ‘Brighter Future IN’ before the campaign rolls out across the country.

The campaign marks a significant escalation of the Stronger In activity aimed at young people, including: a new social media campaign, a national tour of major student centres and universities by leading politicians from different parties; a regionalised leaflet across the UK highlighting the positive benefits for young people of remaining in Europe; and a series of media interventions to highlight the future benefits in relation to jobs, travel, and prices.

Lucy Thomas, Deputy Director of Britain Stronger In Europe, said: “Britain’s young people have a brighter future in Europe. But if young people don’t get involved in this campaign and get out to vote, their future will be at risk.

“It is critical that young people’s voices and interests are at the heart of this campaign. That’s why Stronger IN is launching Brighter Future IN, highlighting how young people benefit from being in Europe today and tomorrow.

“This referendum will determine our young people’s future. It is a future brighter in Europe, with opportunity and security. And it is at risk if we leave, with Britain cut off from its largest trading partners, our economy weakened with less to offer, and the benefits of free travel and study lost.”

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