Ministers claim they have delivered 761million items of protective clothing to the NHS and care homes in recent weeks but in the past few days hospitals have reported severe shortages of gowns…reports Asian Lite News

 by . Britain’s state-funed NHS is facing a procurement crisis as most of the supplies from China failed safety tests.

Mr Chris Hopson, Chief Executive of NHS Providers which represents 217 NHS trusts with more than a million staff, said much of the kit from China is unusable because it fails UK safety checks, the Daily Mail reported.

Mr Hopson said delivering lifesaving protective gear to frontline health staff has become ‘hand to mouth.’

“China was the only country with access to the right materials and manufacturing capacity to produce protective equipment,” he added.

More than 30 NHS staff are believed to have died from coronavirus and campaigners say some of the deaths were a direct result of a lack of personal protective equipment, or PPE. As Health Secretary Matt Hancock promised to look into these deaths to establish how the victims caught the virus:

The Government is airlifting in crates from China on a daily basis but some are being removed from planes before take-off by officials who want to test them. Other boxes are reaching the UK only for NHS officials to discover that they have been wrongly labelled, the Daily Mail reported. Rather than containing much needed protective gowns, they are filled with masks.

Ministers claim they have delivered 761million items of protective clothing to the NHS and care homes in recent weeks but in the past few days hospitals have reported severe shortages of gowns.

Mr Hopson said China was the world’s only supplier of these gowns, which must be water-resistant.

11 major hospitals in J&K declared as sanatoria for suspects. by .

He said the Government had arranged daily airlifts, mostly from Shanghai, which were being overseen by the Foreign Office helped by the Department for Trade and Industry.

But explaining the logistical problems that led to these supplies being held up, he added: ‘We understand the Chinese are pulling off stocks to test them before they leave the country. So even if you’ve got the plane there, the consignment there, you can’t actually guarantee it actually gets on the plane.

‘The second issue is that when the plane arrives in the UK there have been some boxes which say on the outside gowns but actually when you open them up have masks. We also have to test all of the garments when they come over and some consignments have failed tests.

‘Everybody in the NHS is incredibly frustrated about the fact that we can’t get the supply. The reality is that it’s probably only China which has got the volume and the manufacturing capacity and access to fluid repellent material.’

Protest in Spain

The issue of poor quality medical supply from China is causing troubles in Spain, Croatia and Holland. The Dutch ministry of health recalled 600,000 face masks because they didn’t protect health workers.

A senior Spanish member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chairman of the Conservatives Group, Herman Tertsch accused China of lying and misinforming about the coronavirus outbreak.

Writing in the New Europe, the European Parliamentarian has held China directly responsible for the pandemic saying that Chinese Communist Party-led regime knew about it in November yet chose to keep silent and mislead the world about its “punishing global consequences with the worst supposedly yet to come.”

Tertsch, whose country has lost five times more lives than that of China’s official death toll in the pandemic, has padded up his arguments with facts in the piece.

When doctors treating Covid-19 patients in Wuhan- the epicentre of coronavirus, raised the red flag about the deadly virus on state-run social media service WeChat, the regime outrightly discredited them. Later these ‘whistle-blowers’ either died or ‘disappeared.’

The Spanish leader suggests that China, in order to not let the world know about the severity of the impending doom, lied about the havoc that the virus wreaked on its own people.

He cites an investigation about Radio Free Asia, which has poked holes in China’s claim that 3,500 people died of Covid-19 in the country.

China did not stop here. After a damage had been done, it pursued a ‘program of public relations’ by sending medical aid and equipment to Europe, which was reeling severely from China-originated Coronavirus. But this, backfired.

“Unfortunately for the Communist Party, much of that equipment was defective. The Dutch ministry of health was forced to recall 600,000 face masks because they didn’t protect health workers. Spain and Croatia have had similar issues with faulty Chinese equipment,” the member of European Parliament writes.

 by .
Few cars run in a street of Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Joan Gosa/Xinhua/IANS)

Such a campaign of misinformation is not the first one, according to Tertsch. He said that the Chinese Communist Party holds one of the world’s tightest control and censorship on information, exporting their propaganda through various means.

The Spanish politicians said the Asian Dragon has its eyes set on the intellectual property of the West in order to fuel the black market of fake goods that are sold around the world, denting big into European companies.

Calling China a new global threat, the Spanish Member of the European Parliament said that soon he will meet the European Conservatives and Reformists Party on a virtual panel conversation to discuss China.

“The panel will consist of leading European politicians including my colleagues at the European Parliament Anna Fotyga, who has recently been appointed to NATOs Reflection Committee, and Carlo Fidanza, as well as Mattias Karlsson MP and former leader of the Swedish Democrats,” he says.

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