Conservative Women’s Organisation for Diversity (CWOD) want politics to reflect the diversity of women, especially women from minority backgrounds and those with disabilities who are the least represented.…reports Asian Lite News

Priti Patel MP along with Bob Blackman MP, Suella Fernandes MP, Nusrat Ghani MP, David Burrowes MP and Paul Scully MP with temple officials and supporters

When it comes to British experience of Brexit over the last year, little has been able to unify remain and leave voters. But there is a rising consensus amongst Brits that the country is extremely divided and that Parliament is increasingly unrepresentative of the people. Perhaps in no other place have those divisions been felt more acutely that in the Conservative party. This week, we have seen the decisive action of the Prime Minister in proroguing parliament bring divisions to a head with Tory rebels along with opposition parties threatening to bring down the government.

But out of this chaotic chapter in the Conservative Party’s history is the opportunity to reshape and reunify the party. Those shaping our post-Brexit agenda have the most important job – and they must be representative of the population. There has not been a more crucial time in the post war period for women to be equally represented at the table.

 by . The current parliament and cabinet are the most diverse in British history, and Priti Patel’s position in Government is testament to how far women from ethnic minority backgrounds can go in politics today. With a general election tipped to be around the corner, now is the perfect time for women from diverse backgrounds to engage in politics to shape the future of the country after Brexit.

So, what are we waiting for ladies?

CCHQ have opened selections for 21 new seats across England and Wales. Amongst these are the following (current majorities are in brackets):

Alyn & Deeside (Lab, 5,235)

Chester (Lab, 9,176)

Wirral South (Lab, 8,323)

Birmingham Edgbaston (Lab, 6,917)

Bolton South East (Lab, 13,126)

Cardiff West (Lab, 12,551)

Tooting (Lab, 15,458)

 by . Now is your time to rise and shine. We at CWOD (Conservative Women’s Organisation for Diversity) want politics to reflect the diversity of women, especially women from minority backgrounds and those with disabilities who are the least represented. If you want your voice to be heard, we are ready to assist you. Let us help you to win the race to becoming a Member of Parliament.

Do you have it in you? Contact the Chairman or the Co-Chairman of CWOD and start your political journey, today!

(The article is written jointly by Kanwal Toor, Chairman – Conservative Women Organisation for Diversity and  Mercy Muroki, Media Relation Officer & Area Chair for CWOD)





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