David Miliband
David Miliband

David Miliband has given a stark warning, that Britain would be effectively ‘resigning from the world’ if it left the EU.

In an impassioned defence of the EU he cautioned that an exit would be disastrous for relations with the US.

He said: ‘Even the talk of Britain leaving the EU is damaging for Britain and the reality would be disastrous.’

The ex-cabinet minister said he had not been following the debate over whether Labour figures should share a platform with David Cameron if the Prime Minister is campaigning to stay in the union reports Daily Mail.

But he added: ‘The absolutely vital point is that the economic, the political, the international reasons for Britain to remain a key part of the EU are put front and centre.

‘It is completely evident to me that no American government would ever take seriously a Britain that has withdrawn from the EU. It would be almost like Britain was resigning from the world.’




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