Diwali was celebrated across the north of England by several associations and networks as Asian Lite goes through some of the celebrations in North of England…A special report by Prof. Geetha Upadhyaya

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Diwali or the festival of lights is a very popular festival celebrated by the Hindus and Sikhs across the world. The word Diwali means Diyas (lights) in a Wali (row) or a ‘row of lights’. Diwali symbolises the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and hope over misery.

Although there are many reasons to celebrate Diwali, the salient ones are the commemoration of the return of exiled Lord Ram with his wife Sita Devi and his brother Lakshman, the destruction of the demon king Narakasura by Lord Krishna, the return of the Pandavas from their exile, the coronation of King Vikarmaditya, the attainment of Nirvana by Maharishi Dayanand, the founding of Jainism by Mahavir Tirthanker and the founding of the Golden Temple, Amritsar.

Diwali celebrations were held across the north of England and a few are highlighted here.


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Northern Tamil Association (NTA)

Northern Tamil Association (NTA) and its Diwali celebration !  

 Founded in 1986 by a group of enthusiastic people who speak Tamil, the language of south India, the NTA is a registered charity and a cultural organisation for Tamil people living in the northern England, Wales and Scotland.

The main objective of NTA is to enable the next generation to understand, learn and preserve the rich heritage of Tamil culture and the Tamil language while simultaneously encouraging their creative talents through various cultural activities and celebratory events. NTA also actively supports the UK based regional Tamil schools and has also enabled donations to charitable organisations serving the underprivileged sections of the society in the UK, India and Sri Lanka.

Dr Senthil Kumar Muthu, NTA’s outgoing President felt that he was privileged to serve NTA and is confident that, under the leadership of the new President, Dr Nachiappan, the NTA will continue to preserve, propagate and support the Tamil heritage and the community.

The main celebratory events of the NTA, the Tamil New Year and Diwali are well-attended and provide a great platform for cultural talents and a variety of art forms.

 The Diwali celebrations of NTA held on 7th October 2017 was a cultural extravaganza. The 600 strong audiences had travelled from far and wide to enjoy an excellent audio-visual treat by budding artists and professionals who presented a range of colourful performances of classical, folk, Bollywood dance, traditional Indian and western music. In addition, delicious food and a variety of stalls made it a fulfilling day for families.



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Bradford Diwali

Diwali celebrations by the Hindu Cultural Society (HCS) Bradford

For over 44 years, the Hindu Cultural Society, Bradford has been celebrating Diwali drawing people from all faiths and backgrounds, thereby truly reflecting the unique cultural diversity of Bradford.

This year, the society held a grand Diwali celebration with two well-attended events in which special guests representing the Bradford Council and other dignitaries participated. The event featured a spectacular display of fireworks, interesting performances by young people and adults and delicious food.

Diwali in Bradford was a great opportunity to promote and celebrate the achievements of everyone, the great multi-cultural city of Bradford and its people.


Diwali by the Yorkshire Indian Business Network (YIBN) Bradford.

The Diwali evening held in Bradford organised by Yorkshire Indian Business Network (YIBN) and supported by was attended by large number of people who had travelled to Bradford from afar.

The enjoyable variety entertainment of music, dance and poetry featured talented children and adults. This was followed by a huge display of fireworks and a sumptuous Indian dinner.

In 2016, a group of friends of Indian origin founded the YIBN with the objectives of promoting business interests, networking, bringing people together and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Following a successful event on entrepreneurship last year, the YIBN are planning a similar event in Bradford or Leeds early next year.



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