The ethnic minority population in the UK will be more than double in the next three decades, reveals a recent research.

Image for representation only
Image for representation only

According to the projections for a government-sponsored study, UK’s Indian, Pakistani, African and Bangladeshi populations will increase between 90 and 120 per cent by 2051. However, the research has also stated that as people age, the growth rate may slow down.

The projected increase in ethnic population will be driven by fertility rates among the country’s ethnic-minority communities thus making the nation more diverse.

Researchers have estimated that the overall UK population will rise from 63.4 million in 2011 to 77.4 million in 2051.

Campaigners said the figures were a consequence of large-scale immigration over the past two decades which they said had led to housing shortages, overcrowded schools and transport, and pressure on the NHS, reported The Times.

Immigration is one of the top concerns of voters, reports media.



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