Slovak Prime Minister urges European Union to make sure Britain must not emerge victorious from talks with EU….reports Asian Lite News

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico speaks at a press conference after an informal European Union (EU) summit in Bratislava, Slovakia (Xinhua/Gong Bing) (wtc)

Britain must not emerge from negotiations on post-Brexit relations with the EU as the victor, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico announced at a session of the parliamentary European affairs committee on Wednesday.

“The United Kingdom must not win this struggle. That would be a huge mistake on our part. Freedom of movement is non-negotiable…How would the EU exist if Britain successfully negotiated benefits on one hand, but blocked EU citizens from seeking jobs or studies on the other,” Xinhua news agency quoted Fico as saying.

Fico said he was convinced that the other 27 EU countries needed to arrange for more advantageous conditions in the deal.

“The agreement between the EU and Great Britain must be more advantageous to the EU, so that we won’t spend energy on countries with anti-European sentiments,” stated Fico.

The Prime Minister said he considered the situation in Italy to be a worse problem after Matteo Renzi tended his resignation as Prime Minister due to an unsuccessful referendum on constitutional reform and with snap elections seemingly around the corner.

“The probability of victory for parties not favourably inclined towards Europe is high. What if a referendum on the euro came next? Then we’d have a serious problem on our hands,” concluded Fico.



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