The Indian community in Britain celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi with several community events. High Commissioner of India Mr Ranjan Mathai flagged off a peace march at Tavistock Square. Several prominent members of the British Indian community participated in the march.

The Indian community paying tribute to Bapu at Tavistock Square in London
The Indian community paying tribute to Bapu at Tavistock Square in London

High Commissioner of India Mr Ranjan Mathai urged the young generation to emulate Gandhiji to support the under privileged sections in the society.

“India is a young nation, and not many remain who have personal memories of Gandhiji,” the High Commissioner said. ” The young resurgent India needs to be reminded every day of Mahatma’s message – that our work on earth can be achieved, only if we wipe the tears of the poorest, most underprivileged in our society.  Remember Bapu when he said we should judge ourselves, by asking whether our actions make the lives of these poorest any better. The wider world – which is full of hatred and violence needs to understand his clear understanding that violence takes us nowhere.  An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

“So as we gather together let us pray today that the world will pay heed and join us in remembrance of not just the life of a great soul, but the lasting message of his life and his mission – truth, non-violence, the love for all humanity and fearlessness in action,” he added.





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