Syria, Iraq, Yemen….Killings do not seem to have any end and are taken as par for the course….writes Bikram Vohra

syriaHave you noticed how through being repetitive several news items of import fall into the crevices and simply disappear from the memory, leaving no impact on us. Take the 400 people who were abducted in Syria’s Deir Ez-Zor city this week and the 135 who were killed. It is bad enough that over 40,000 men, women and children are on life support in the cities of Madaya, al-Fouaa and Kefraya… but these killings do not seem to have any end and are taken as par for the course.

How many of us can honesty say that this information registered with us. It is largely because of our overloaded synapses that atrocities continue to happen. In the same time frame two senior officials in Yemen were murdered in cold blood. It just becomes a passing headline and life goes on until the next massacre.

There is a clear fear that the Daesh (ISIS) are making inroads in other countries as well. We might be lulled into believing that countries like Indonesia have only experienced minor terrorist attacks except that there is no such thing as a minor terrorist attack. What happened in Burkino Faso (to many the name echoes a designer brand, not a country) where 29 people were brutally mowed down by Al Qaeda affiliates underscores a new dimension to the militant attacks around the globe. Rag tag groups enjoy the power it gives them and the fear it inspires to call themselves Daesh (ISIS) or Al Qaeda rather then have to work with less intimidating nomenclature. In return the leadership of these large outfits do not mind the use of their franchise since it give the impression they are more global than they actually are. So they take the ‘credit’ and the snowball rolls on.

To add to this sadness the German authorities are filtering Algerians and Moroccans and holding them in special places  following the outrages in Cologne on New Year’s Eve when women were attacked by immigrants ostensibly from these countries. It does seem harsh to punish whole nationalities but if the liberal policy has to continue and the addition of a daily 3000 refugees accommodated to over a million who have come into Germany,

Angela Merkel’s liberal policy has to surrender some space to her detractors in the after math of the outrage. For the crimes of a few… but at least they haven’t elected to send them back across the frosted tundra.





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