IIW (INSPIRING INDIAN WOMEN) says,“I’m (Im) Possible -All about Indian Art, Craft and a Stronger us” as IIW promotes Indian art and craft in UK….reports Asian Lite News

IIW’s “I’M (Im) Possible -Art, Craft and Stronger Me”, event held in the Indian Gymkhana Club

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun” – Pablo Picasso.

The above quotation of Picasso is well proved in the IIW’s “I’M (Im) Possible -Art, Craft and Stronger Me”, event held in the Indian Gymkhana Club On the 14th of May 2017.

This year having been declared as the Year of Culture UK and India 2017, IIW came up with this event to promote Indian art and craft and a talk about “Preserving Indian Arts and Culture in Pardes (Diaspora)”, which was very well carried out by the organizers and participants equally.

The event began by welcoming the dignitaries of the evening, Mr. VirendraSharma, Mr. SutantarSoni, Saleha Jaffer, Mr. Mahendra Singh Jadeja and Rehana Ameer. Ms. Rashmi Mishra, Richa Kalra, Shikha Garg, Anju Trehan, Shital Kamdar. Christina Shiju George from the core team of IIW welcomed all by presenting the bouquets. The five dignitaries lit the lamp and inaugurated the event. Little Smrithi Venkatesh aged 7, chanted verses from Bhagavad Gita to commemorate the Indian culture.

This day, also being Mother’s day in India is noteworthy. With this note Maumita Hazra and her 6 year old daughter Tanisha sang a song. Pavithra Venkatesh of Sapthavarna Creations gave a small talk on her workshop and art work. There was a tribal folk dance by Rashmi Narvekar and a Maharashtrian folk dance by Pritidipa and Jaya Sheela Nama along with a variety dance on mother by SimranSood and her daughter Jia.

Many of the promoters of Art and culture who had displayed their products during the event were asked to come forward and talk about their products and how they are trying to promote the culture being in a foreign land.

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IIW’s “I’M (Im) Possible -event held in the Indian Gymkhana Club

Then unfolded the important panel discussion on the topic of “Preserving Cultural Identity in Pardes(Diaspora)”. The panellists consisted of some renowned names like Mr. Nandkumar( Executive Director BhartiyaVidyaBhavan ) , Mr. Prabhakar Kaza, Ms Trupti Patel, Ms Mayura Patel and Ms Lakshmi Kaul. The whole discussion was led by Ms Sonal Sher in a very rightful way as she asked the panellists to express their views on preserving Cultural identity. Nandkumar Ji of Bhavan’s conveyed how culture is a wealth and as one embarks on the journey of transcending his knowledge unto others, the more likely he is to get wiser and richer. A wealth that does not dissipate as you spend, rather keeps increasing.

Mr. Prabhakar Kaza emphasized on the fact that everyone should make good use of their personal skills and contribute to the art and culture.

Ms Trupti Patel revealed how she has been in London for the past 40 years and the British Society have always been very considerate. Hence, the Indian people should come together as one family and promote the culture of India.

Ms Mayura Patel enlightened us with her thoughts and told that there was enough room for all Indians and all should unite and form one community and save our culture and arts.

Ms.Lakshmi Kaul stressed that we should celebrate Indian ethnicity, help one and all in building the identity and volunteer to build our culture and promote our arts.

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IIW’s “I’M (Im) Possible -event held in the Indian Gymkhana Club

The panel discussion was of great value, though this report carries only a glimpse of the messages of each one. This panel discussion is an eye opener to all the immigrants here. A questionnaire session was held from the audience which was answered well by the panellists. Ms. Shashi Malhotra a mother shared her story of how she has kept culture alive and ensured she passed on the wealth of her cultural ethos and identity to her.

Ms. Anuradha Dhar Bose, the key UK representative of Ekal Vidyalaya foundation which is involved in educating the underprivileged children in tribal villages in India, came forward and told how the foundation is helping the society and the ways, we could contribute to bring about the Change.

The guests of Honour of the day spoke on the events. Mr.Virendra Sharma ,congratulated IIW and wished the supporters of art good luck. Saleha Jaffar & Rehana Ameer showed their happiness and support to be a part of such events and wished IIW a great future. Mr. Mahendra Singh Jadeja , advised the retailers on various ways they could get support from govt. as well as others in order to  flourish well in their promotion of arts and crafts. Mr. Sutantar Soni wished all success to the IIW and suggested women to add sports too to the culture. It was indeed an honour to have Mr H.S Rao ( PTI) ( awarded the lifetime achievement award ) among our distinguished guests too

The Event was full of numerous stalls which were there to promote Art and Culture of various Indian States. Handicrafts of various kinds were on sale. To name a few these were the Ethinic Stop Shop, Shilpa Moorthy’s Rajasthani Wrap around, Khushbu Patel’s Western Rocks, ‎ Soul Craft, Padma Balasubranium’s Samudra Arts, ‎Rachna Gupta Vahitra’s Indian Midas, Aparna Krishna’s Urvashi Jewels, Misha Accessories , Mystique Fashion Accessories, Ekta Rana’s Sketch E Paintings, Neeru Rathour from Passion Arts, Ruchi Gothi’s Paint my Dreams, Shilpa Kapadia’s My style creations , Meenakshi Wadhwa’s – Essential Designs , Rita Gohil’s purses , Sharmisthaa Basu’sYiber Accessories and many more.

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IIW’s “I’M (Im) Possible -event held in the Indian Gymkhana Club

The anchoring was well carried out by Mrs. Bhanu Sistla, a volunteer in event hosting. She kept anchoring live. The IIW had raffle ticket and prizes were sponsored by Raffle prize sponsors Bhumika Goswami Owner Ethnic Stop Shop, Maahi Terracotta, Suparna Rathi-Sanwariya from Soul Crafts, Samudra Arts, Misha Accessories, Sakshi Abhinav Vishwesh Magnifique Makeover who sponsored a free make over and Rachanaa Jain who gave her book, ‘Awake your Dreams’free as raffle prize and Saptha Varna creations gave 10% discount for its workshops. The excited raffle ticket winners received the prizes. The Organisers thanked the chief guests, panellists, the audience and women entrepreneurs.

The event came to a conclusion with a beautiful dance presented by Ms. Darshini Joshi founder of Sanskriti Guru, wherein all from the audience joined in and added to the joyous atmosphere.

The event was a grand success and IIW looks forward to much more with the support of one and all. It left an intangible impression in the hearts and minds of young and old alike. Thus, the successful thought provoking event came to an end.

Cheers to the Indian Spirit and Cultural spectre – so much to offer to the world!




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