A new report on the level of immigration in UK reveals that there has been a considerable decline in the incoming number of people….reports Asian Lite News

Ninety-seven per cent of international students leave the UK after finishing their studies, suggesting that levels of immigration in the Britain are much lower than previously thought, new figures issued on Thursday revealed.

It has been claimed that tens of thousands of international students remain in the country illegally after completing their studies but exit checks introduced last year found evidence to the contrary, reports the Guardian.

The figures come as the Home Office unveils separate plans to ask migration experts to examine the impact of international students on the UK job market.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) will be asked to examine the effect that both European Union (EU) and non-EU students have on the labour market and economy while in the UK and will report back next September.

Announcing the figures, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said the government wanted to keep the door open to genuine students but would crack down on abuse of visas by poor-quality institutions.

Rudd said the UK’s status as the second most popular global destination for international students was “something to be proud of” and said the sector was a key export for the UK.

“That’s why we want to have a robust and independent evidence base of their value and the impact they have,” the Guardian quoted Rudd as saying.

The committee will be asked to examine the impact of tuition fees and other spending by international students on the local and national economy, as well as the role students play in contributing to economic growth and the quality of education for domestic students.



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