The EU referendum campaign officially begins on Friday, ending in a vote on 23 June to decide whether the UK stays in or leaves the 28-member bloc


Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave are expected to focus on core messages in speeches and rallies, BBC reported.

Former chancellor Alistair Darling will point to “credible warnings of economic disaster”, should the UK leave the EU. But Leave campaigners will say the UK’s contributions to the EU should go towards the NHS instead.

During the 10-week referendum campaign period, which runs until polling day, campaigners are subject to spending limits of between £700,000 and £7m.

Meanwhile, Britain Stronger In Europe, the main cross-party campaign to keep the UK in the EU, has welcomed the news that it has been designated as the official Remain campaign in the EU referendum.

The Electoral Commission earlier announced that Britain Stronger In Europe will be the lead campaign to keep Britain in the European Union. Britain Stronger In Europe was the only applicant to be the Remain campaign.

Britain Stronger In Europe was launched in October 2015 with the intention of being the lead ‘Remain’ campaign in the referendum. The campaign is chaired by Stuart Rose, former CEO of Marks & Spencer. He leads a board comprising political representatives from all main parties, business, trade unions, the arts, and other sectors. The Executive Director of the campaign is Will Straw.

Britain Stronger In Europe is active in all regions of England. It also includes autonomous campaigns in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Will Straw, Executive Director of Britain Stronger In Europe, said: “I’m delighted that the Electoral Commission have recognised that BritainStronger in Europe has the breadth of support, the unity of purpose and the campaigning organisation to be the official Remain campaign in the upcoming referendum.

“Britain is stronger, safer and better off in the EU than we would be out on our own.

“Being part of the EU Single Market brings growth, investment and jobs to the UK, and keeps prices down.

“If we left, growth would be hit, jobs would be lost, prices would rise and there would be less money to fund public services like the NHS. Leaving is not a risk worth taking.

“I congratulate Vote Leave on their designation on the other side of the campaign but now is the time for them to come clean with the British people and say what Out looks like. That is the least this vital debate deserves.”

Stuart Rose, Chairman of Britain Stronger In Europe, said:

“On June 23rd, we will take the biggest decision this country has faced for a generation.

“Every day until then, as we have been for months, Britain Stronger in Europe will be taking our message right across the country – reaching millions of voters – to say loud and clear: Britain is better off in the EU.

“Our campaign is drawn from a cross-section of political parties, from different parts of the country, from large and small businesses, from trade unions, the creative industries and higher education.

“Despite our different backgrounds, what unites us all is our belief that Britain isstronger, safer and better off in the EU than we would be out on our own. Leaving is a leap in the dark we should not take.”

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