The following is an extract from an article written by Kanwal Toor as part of her campaign to win local candidacy to GLA from Brent & Harrow. Kanwal is a multi-talented professional and associated with Asian Lite in its events and as a contributing editor. She is a proud Mom, Model, and an Entrepreneur…

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I am a proud Briton. Like many Londoners I was not born here. I grew up in Delhi, sharing a room with five members of my family. With sheer hard work my parents sent me to University. There I gained an Honours Degree in Psychology and went on to complete a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology.

I got my big break when I was a finalist in the Miss India competition. This led me to an exciting career in Bollywood. But I never forgot my roots. I used my fame to help the vulnerable people in Mumbai, Delhi and London, working on unfashionable causes like the welfare of street prostitutes. Standing up to the thugs and gangsters in the slums who tried to silence me. I know the value of hard work and persistence. But I also understand that success brings with it the responsibility to give something back. That is why I joined the Conservative party

Although Social Action has been an integral part of my life, I did not grow thinking I will be a politician one day. I have a successful jewellery business that retails from stores in London.


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I love London. Our city is safer, more prosperous and open than most places in the world. But that is no consolation to a parent who has lost their child to knife crime. The epidemic of violent crime is a threat to us all in Brent and Harrow. According to the most recent survey, Brent is in the top ten most dangerous boroughs to live in. Gang Flagged offences are at their highest in Harrow in the last five years. In the last few months we’ve had a number of car thefts across Brent and Harrow, street drinking is rampant and drug dealers operate brazenly. If there is one thing we have learned in recent months, it is that nowhere is safe.

Nothing is more important than stopping our children killing each other. We need more police. We need more CCTV cameras. We need more resources. As your candidate my focus will be on lobbying the Mayor for funding so that we have more Bobbies on our streets, more crime control projects so we can strengthen our families and weaken the hold of gangs on our children.

Controlled immigration

We want workers. We do not want Free Loaders. Today Healthcare, Schools, Infrastructure, Housing, Roads are under huge strain in Brent and Harrow due to the uncontrolled influx of people. Labour  Mayor Sadiq Khan’s quest of meeting housing targets is turning Brent and Harrow into a concrete Jungle. The Kodak site and St Luke’s Hospice are but two examples of how at the cost of regeneration and development our green spaces, hospitals, people, and the character of our very communities are being compromised. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Inept Labour Council

Kanwal Toor at Asian Lite’s CelebrASIANS 2016

In the last few months, I have door knocked in Queensbury, Wealdstone, Headstone North, Kingsbury and Preston. I have also visited Family in Sudbury, Alperton, and Neasden. I am aghast to see that under the Labour Council, problems with speeding cars, fly tipping, and anti-social behavior have escalated. Neighbourhoods are infested with rodents and litter due to the Labour Councillors’ mismanagement of preciously allocated funds. The Harrow Civic Centre regeneration debacle is an example of their financial ineptness. The residents are fed up. The taxes keep going up and the services down!


We need a ROBUST Plan to win Brent and Harrow. We need to fight a proactive Campaign. I will not expect you to do anything that I won’t do myself. As your candidate I will lead from the front. I have been the Deputy Chair of one of the largest Conservative Associations in the country, with thirteen branches and forty one Councillors – I understand the importance of working together. Because When We Work Together, We Win Together! I have helped run campaigns in London, Beaconsfield, Kent and Northern Ireland with tangible results.

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I love knocking on doors and it’s the most effective way to find out what matters most to our voters. I also have a strong presence on social media. And my career in Bollywood has given me plenty of television and radio experience. A high profile is essential.

I want to get rid of the ineffective Labour Councillors. I want to help Bob Blackman to continue to represent Harrow and to see the back of Labour MP’s. I want Nick Hurd to continue to be the voice of Pinner. I want to help Susan Hall to take the fight to City Hall. I want to see the Back of Labour MP’s, Councillors and Assembly members.

I hope that on the 21st you give me a chance to fight this campaign for you. We will win! And together we will make Harrow & Brent a safer, stronger community.

Thank you for giving me a chance to be a finalist in the Harrow selections on the 21st of March. I am delighted to have been part of our journey so far and hope that I can continue this journey with the support of all you hard working Conservatives until we make Brent & Harrow a True Blue Borough!



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