Kaur Seeks Help to Get Rid of Badals


Mrs Preneet Kaur, one of India’s most popular politicians, arrived in the UK to garner support for her party in the forthcoming state elections….reports Asian Lite News

Mrs Preneet Kaur visits UK to garner support for the Congress party in the forthcoming state elections

Mrs Preneet Kaur, wife of former Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh, appealed to the Sikh diaspora to support the Congress party to remove BJP-SAD alliance from power.
“The state is riddled with corruption and drug issues,” Mr Kaur, the titular Maharani of Patiala, told crowded gatherings in Glasgow, Coventry, Wolverhampton and London.

“ We are in an election mode in Punjab. People are fed up of the present Shiromani Akali Dal – BJP regime which has brought Punjab into a vortex of drug, debt, farmers’ suicides,” Mr Kaur told Asian Lite..

Mrs Kaur served India as an External Affairs minister and represented Patiala constituency in 1999, 2004 and 2009 general elections. She lost her seat in the elections of 2014. The former minister met prominent people from the Indian diaspora and interacted with the Sikh community at various events seeking support to her party in the next state elections.
Mrs Kaur also visited House of Commons and met several prominent politicians from the British-Asian community.

Mrs Kaur praised the Sikh diaspora in Britain for their commitment to the country and entrepreneurship.

“I am very proud of the Sikh diaspora in the UK,” Mr Kaur said. “All over the world, the Sikh diaspora have established a good name for themselves through their hard work. They are model citizens in the migrant land but keeping their customs and traditions intact.”

“We always want to emulate successful people in the diaspora,” she added. “We look up to them for inspiration and respect their views on all matters.” “The future of the country is at stake,” Mr Kaur said. “The diaspora has a responsibility to support the right causes. Under the Badals, Punjab is riddled with many issues. Congress is providing a better alternative with Captain Amarinder Singh. As the majority of Indians are under the age of 40, we have to do a lot to protect their ambitions and aspirations,”

“We are on a mission to save Punjab, it’s heritage, culture and development,” Mrs Kaur said. “If you are passionate about your Homeland and want to stop the drug mafia and corruption in Punjab, you have to support the Congress party in the state elections.

Mrs Preneet Kaur visits UK to garner support for the Congress party in the forthcoming state elections

Regarding the ongoing issue with Pakistan and the border attacks, the former minister said: “Kashmir has always been and is an integral part of India and the situation created by terrorism exported from our neighbouring country is a cause of worry.”

Mrs Kaur also snubbed the way the present BJP government under Narendra Modi treating Sikh soldiers. Regarding the omission of Sikh regiment in the 2016 Republic Day parade, first time in the history of Independent India, Mrs Kaur said: “It was sad not to see the troops from Punjab regiment not taking part as we are used to seeing them. I look forward to having them March down in 2017. Nobody can ignore the contribution of Sikh regiment in the wars and peace keeping missions of India. They deserve a prime position in national ceremonies.”

Mrs Kaur said the secular Congress is the right party to rule a diverse country like India.
“India is a diverse and secular state which has been nurtured by the Congress party which will always fight anti secular forces,” she added.
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