Keralite Muslim Community’s grand celebration of Eid Meelad Un-Nabi (PBUH) in London….reports Asian Lite News

Students perform a traditional art form 'Duff muttu'
Students perform a traditional art form ‘Duff muttu’

UK Keralite Muslim Community celebrated Eid Meelad Un Nabi (PBUH) in Tooting, London to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The Event was organised by Malayalee Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association UK (MMCWA), a UK Registered Charity.

Around 300 people were gathered for the event enjoying the programmes performed by kids including traditional Duff Muttu, Talks, Quran recitation, Islamic Quiz, Skits and many other ones.

The flurry of programs started with Mowlid Majlis incorporating various poems and prayers praising the Prophet and the Almighty sung together by everyone. MMCWA Chairman Haji Abdulla alongwith Ustaads from the Community Mohammed Ali Hudavi and Kareem Darul Huda lead the Majlis delivering an unforgettable evening of comfort and satisfaction to all.

Organisers, members of MMCWA Executive Committee, thanked everyone for supporting the event by helping to organise and donating generously to cover expenses of the event. MMCWA released its 12 page calendar for 2017 (Hijri 1438/39) at the event. More information available on

Malayalee Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association UK (MMCWA), established in 2004 by the Muslim Community in UK.



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