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Kids Yoga Demo Enthrals UK Parliament

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3rd International Yoga Day celebrations in the Houses of Parliament

At the recently held International Yoga Day event at the House of Commons, children from different schools stole the show with yoga poses, and gave high five on their exit….reports Rahul Laud for Asian Lite News

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3rd International Yoga Day celebrations in the Houses of Parliament

A celebration of the 3rd International Yoga Day in the Houses of Parliament, London, on 10 July, hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group [APPG] for Indian Traditional Sciences and sponsored by the High Commission of India, was designed to explore the value of introducing Yoga in the NHS and other areas of the life of society.

A group of over 30 children from various schools and nationalities led by Carolina Naess, Faculty at the Art of Living Foundation was the highlight of the evening. These children patiently waited for over two hours hearing different speeches and presentations of various MPs and yoga pundits and then performed yoga poses including Bhastrika Pranayam followed by an unusual dance without music.

These children left smiling and bubbling with joy and energy. They gave a high five to all visitors at the House of Commons in Committee Room 14.

After the session these children were neither tired by their morning rehearsal nor their long wait at the HOC.

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3rd International Yoga Day celebrations in the Houses of Parliament

Most of them who had a smiling calm cool face said ‘’they felt energised after yoga.’’ Some of the children new to the practise felt they were ‘’calm and quiet.’’ Some teenagers felt it was ”pretty cool.”

One young boy was so enthusiastic that he felt like ‘’demonstrating more.” He said, he would ”look forward to many more such sessions.”  He said ‘’the rehearsals they had were equally enriching and exciting.’’

Parent Fatima Paretha of child Keiyona said: Well done everyone who contributed and took part yesterday – amazing opportunity for the kids to have and I’m sure they’ll remember it for a long time to come! ‘’ She praised Carolina. She said ‘’ Carolina spoke beautifully about her experiences and showed it came from the heart…I think  the children were the highlight of the 2hr  programme,’’ she said with pride.

Sumathi Ravipathi a part of the Faculty of Art of Living whose son participated in the demonstration said ‘’children were like little yogis sitting so quiet and not restless. Yoga and meditation instills such discipline, brings calmness and focus. ‘’

Agata expressed thanks to all children, She said, ‘’future if the world was with children. Yoga helps making such an important Bridge between the past and the future. Hopefully better and brighter world these children would make.’’

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Kids doing rehersals in park, AOL Centre, and School before the main event in House of Commons

Parent Bala whose son Vishnu participated said: ‘’It felt good seeing everyone in the room get involved in the event.’’

Parent Jaya Gill echoed similar sentiment: It was amazing to see all the kids wait patiently for their turn to perform,

Parent Joshi said: ‘’It was really a memorable event. ‘’ He too profusely thanked Carolina ‘’for working hard in bringing all together with such abundance of positive energy.’’

Seven students from Forest Hills school participated in the yoga demonstration. Carolina had trained earlier a group of 25 in that school to do yoga and meditation which showed huge impact on them which promoted them to participate said their school teacher.

Through her powerful demonstration of Yoga breath work Carolina Naess a PhD student, dance and holistic therapist, pointed out that somatic movement and yogic breathing with the Sudarshan Kriya technique (as taught by the Art of Living Foundation) is a fast, cost effective and sustainable alternative to address the root cause of many mental health related issues in school children and youth as well as school teachers. It is a lifelong tool and invaluable gift, she added.

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3rd International Yoga Day celebrations in the Houses of Parliament

On the occasion Prof Tony Nader MD PhD, leader of Transcendental Meditation organisation, was given a special award for his achievements.

Chief Guest the High Commissioner of India in the UK, His Excellency Mr Y K Sinha pointed out that Yoga is being practised more and more widely in the UK and other Western countries.

During his keynote address Prof Nader proposed that in a scientific age it was important to bring out the scientific basis of Yoga and show the rationale behind Yoga’s benefits.

The celebration in Parliament was originally scheduled for 21 June but had to be postponed due to the rescheduling of the State Opening of Parliament on 21 June 2017 , said Amarjeet Bhamra member of the APPG Secretariat .

Among the distinguished audience present on the occasion were  Bhavini Vyas , National coordinator for the Sri Sri Yoga in UK and Jyoti Joshi from the Patanjali Foundation.