Bollywood Singer Kiran Sachdev to preform various cities across the UK. Kiran Sachdev, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa finalist and Winner of ‘Airtel Desh Ki Awaaz’, is currently touring in the UK. She talks to Rahul Laud about music, her forthcoming projects and her ongoing performances across various cities in the UK and Europe. Kiran will perform in Leicester on 23 September and 1 October in Northampton

Bollywood singer Kiran Sachdev
Bollywood singer Kiran Sachdev

Kiran has done several projects with Times Music, Series, Venus and ZEE Music.  She has bagged several awards at state/national levels across different Indian cities and recorded a devotional album with the ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh and playback singer Shahid Maaliya, which was a GIMA Nomination in the year 2011. Felicitated by and performed at the Indian Embassies in London and Berlin, Kiran has performed and sung in 10 Indian languages. She has recorded for and featured in Persian (single) album, released earlier in Germany. She released ‘Sukoon Mila’ with Arijit Singh for Zee music in 2015. She is also in an upcoming Bollywood Movie ‘Dil Saala Sanki’ starring Jimmy Shergill.

Is this your first visit to UK? If not – then what’s the difference you find between your last visit and current especially in terms of audience taste?

Kiran Sachdev: This is not my first visit to the UK. I have lived in London before for a year somewhere around 2013 and performed quite a lot especially across London. But this is my first professional music tour to the UK, but I have always loved the way UK audiences acknowledge my music. I have encountered a variety of listeners, from pure connoisseurs to socialites who like their bit of Bollywood music; it has always been a pleasure performing amongst most of them. I personally like to perform before people who share my taste of music and appreciate intricate music.

What kind of music does the audience in UK prefer?

Bollywood singer Kiran Sachdev
Bollywood singer Kiran Sachdev

KS: I think I answered this more or less in my first point. I would say that UK would be one of the favourite places to perform for any Asian artiste because of its audiences.
Because India has many more Asian artists than UK has, people in the UK are more appreciate of good talent and more welcoming of talented artists.

What is your favourite genre in music and your favourite songs – a must for you to sing in every show?
My favourite genre revolves around a mix of ghazals and old Bollywood films. Sometimes Sufi and melodious new Bollywood songs as well. I like anything which has more detailing in terms of composition and more meaningful in terms of poetry is always my favourite. Also, anything that lets me showcase my tonal quality nicely to the listeners is on my favourite’s list 🙂

With electronics playing a huge role do you think genuine voice is not heard –originality is lost – good singers and good music being killed?
This is a debatable and most talked about topic amongst today’s music industry, I do think there is an element of truth in this statement. Many artists who are leading today as playback singers do not own the finesse that is required to be there. I feel the audience is not being served the right quality of music hence it likes what it is served. This whole phenomenon is leading to the deterioration of music that is being produced at the national level and which will represent the nation’s taste of music for generations to come. It is the responsibility of the people leading the band wagon to ensure that quality music is produced, and quality artists are promoted.

It is possible for anyone to sound good in a finished product of a song because of the technology which can make an out of tune song sound completely in tune. But as a result, many artists who deserve to gain more recognition are being denied of that position. There is very few music producers who would go all out and make a new voice sing for their project simply because it deserves. It is a sad state of affairs.

Today film stars have also started singing –what’s your take on this trend?

Bollywood singer Kiran Sachdev
Bollywood singer Kiran Sachdev

Thankfully, since the social media has taken over, and platforms like You Tube and Face Book have gained importance, it is possible for artists to showcase their art without having to completely rely on bollywood music. If there is something genuinely good, the audience goes for it, and Bollywood has no option but to take notice.

Other than Bollywood there is no music the industry produces as music labels then how do artistes like you survive? Artiste Aloud is a new platform in India what’s your experience?
I have not had the opportunity to use this platform extensively so far, but from what I have heard, we need such platforms for artists to be able to showcase more of what they have got and get a targeted listenership for it.

Do you have any favourites among the current music directors?
Of course I do, AR Rehman is my all time favourite. Apart from him, Pritam, Vishal Shekhar, Vishal Bhardwaj are some of the names that I would certainly like to work with very soon, God willing.

What are the challenges for you?
Like any other artiste, challenges are to make myself heard. I am very sure about my voice and talent, given today’s scenario, the challenge is to find the avenues which would recognise them and give me the platforms that I think I rightfully deserve.

Does winning in reality show help?
Yes it certainly does. Most reality shows manage to get a lot of viewership, so more people know about you, and want to hear you live. This directly relates to getting more gigs to play in.

What’s your current experience in the UK so far?
I always enjoy being here. As I mentioned, my music is always well acknowledged here, and this time around I am getting to tour more cities, and every experience is new and nice. I am looking forward to explore some more cities towards Manchester and maybe cover Scotland as well.




  1. Its real n contentful informative n analatical bollywood music stuff .
    Me being also writer n media person wish to compliment the wrter.
    Keep it up n Thumsup to writer n the magazine..
    My best wishes

  2. Kiran S,

    Such a refreshing talent and honest artist telling the “truth” as to how the Bollywood music scene is.

    Like all great singers and human being she represents “goodness” in music with great delivery and integrity.

    Great Singer,great personality….. GREAT Human Being.



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