The opposition returns to Michael Foot era as Corbyn wins UK Labour Party leadership battle….reports Asian Lite News

Corbyn Image LabourJeremy Corbyn held on to his post as leader of Britain’s main opposition Labour Party. He beat off a challenge from one of his former front bench shadow ministers Owen Smith. The result of the leadership election was announced in Liverpool where Labour is holding its annual conference, Xinhua news agency reported.

Corbyn won 313,209 votes while his challenger received 193,222 votes in the fight. Corbyn captured almost 62 per cent of the vote, a slight increase from last year’s win, while Smith attracted just over 38 per cent of the votes.

In his victory speech, Corbyn called for unity, urging members and all Labour MPs to work together to defeat Theresa May’s ruling Conservative Government. He said Labour could win the next election whenever May decides to call it.

The ruling Conservative taunts Labour for re-electing Corbyn.

“The re-election of Jeremy Corbyn shows that Labour are too divided, distracted and incompetent to build a country that works for everyone – and families across the country would pay for their failure,” a statement said. !They cannot build an economy that works for everyone – because they want to spend, borrow and tax even more than they did last time.

“Corbyn thinks the last Labour government spent too little. ‘We made a huge mistake in allowing the Tories to get away with the idea that the last Labour government spent too much. We didn’t, we actually spent too little’ (Labour leadership hustings Nottingham, 28 June 2015). They cannot deliver a society that works for everyone – because they want to hold people back instead of helping them get on.

“Corbyn wants to force all academies, free schools and grammars to become comprehensives. ‘Labour should end the failed academies and Free Schools projects, and promote comprehensive education, with schools placed under local authority control.’

They are not a credible alternative government and they have nothing to offer as we work to build a country that works for everyone.

Conservative Party Chairman Patrick McLoughlin MP said: “Labour are too divided, distracted and incompetent to build a country that works for everyone. 172 Labour MPs don’t think Jeremy Corbyn can lead the Labour Party – so how can he lead the country?

“Instead of learning lessons from the past, they have engaged in a bitter power struggle that will continue even after they’ve picked a leader.

“While Labour row amongst themselves, this Conservative government will continue to deliver a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.”



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