London joins India’s celebrations to mark 67th Republic Day…..reports Asian Lite News …

High Commissioner Navtej Singh Sarna addressing the audience after hoisting the Flag
High Commissioner Navtej Singh Sarna addressing the audience after hoisting the Flag

Britain’s Indian community joined India’s 67th Republic Day with special events and activities. Indian High Commissioner to UK Mr Navtej Singh Sarna hoisted the Tricolour at India House in the presence of staff and several prominent members of Indian community.

“Republic Day greetings to all my fellow Indians,” Modi greeted the nation with Tweeet. In the message he said he is saluting “all great personalities who framed our constitution”.

“Tributes to all the great personalities who framed our Constitution. I salute Dr. Ambedkar for his efforts as chairman of the Drafting Committee,” he added.

Indian High Commission Staff with High Commissioner Navtej Singh Sarna
High Commission Staff with High Commissioner Navtej Singh Sarna

Republic Day cover Navtej Singh SarnaProminent Indian-origin businessmen like Dr Rami Ranger were also on Tweeter to greet fellow Indians. Asian Lite produced a special edition to mark the occasion. (Click the link to read Asian Lite’s special edition to mark Indian Republic Day –

By Kanwal Toor & Rajitha Saleem


Siraj MA
Siraj MA

What I miss most about Republic Day is seeing the parade on TV early in the morning. It used to ignite such a patriotic feeling within me seeing it live that nothing that we see compares to it. I remember going to school on Republic Day, the flag hoisting there and how we used to get sweets as kids. It sometimes feels ironic that we are so far away and living in Britain, when our home country is celebrating it being republic, when it proclaimed to the world that it is capable of governing its own. On days like these, I miss my country the most.

Siraj M.A, London

We really miss the buzz in Delhi

Rahul Batra

The main celebrations of Republic Day are taking place at Rajpath in New Delhi before the President of India. On this day, ceremonious parades take place which are performed as a tribute to India. This is a great day and I am really the buzz

Rahul Batra, Managing Partner, Hudosn Mckenzie Solicitors

It’s Day of Hope

Mira Misra Kaushik
Mira Misra Kaushik

Republic Day for my Nehruvian generation is a day of hope, dreams, aspirations and possibilities in one’s life. I have lived in UK for more than 30 years and still hold an Indian passport. It reminds me of my propagating roots and ever evolving concept of heritage. Every year I make an effort to celebrate the day.

Mira Misra Kaushik, Director at Akademi

Time to emulate Dr Ambedkar

Karan Salauja
Karan Salauja

It’s the 67th Year of Indian Republic History.The use and misuse of the constitution in India has been really challenging. Each government talked how great Baba Saheb Ambedkar was but no one follows.

Karan Salauja, Film Director, Marketing – Lycamobile

1.2 billion aspirations

Amandeep Bhogal,

As India celebrates its 67th Republic Day today it celebrates 1.2 billion aspirations for a better, more secure and prosperous future. Seeing President Hollande and Prime Minister Modi jointly inaugurate the International Solar Alliance and French soldiers marching down Rajpath it is clear India and the free world stand together in facing two of the biggest challenges of our time – climate change and terrorism

Amandeep Bhogal, Conservative London Assembly Candidate

Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Hamara

Farzeen PR
Farzeen PR

Any national celebration in India is nostalgic. More so Republic Day, as it is again on this day that we reinstate our unity as a nation on the face of various diversities. Even on this day, when boundaries are no longer rigid and globalization has brought people in different parts of the world together, Republic Day is a day to feel proud as an Indian. I remember buying our national flag with pride on this day and flaunting it in all the celebrations that take place in my town.

Farzeen RP, London


Faisal R
Faisal R

I would celebrate Republic Day even when I am away from my country. We have a small get together of our friends to be together as a show of solidarity to our great nation. Even when we have so many differences of opinion with many happenings in India, I remember all these melting away on both Independence Day and Republic day. I feel all the more nostalgic listening to all the patriotic songs on radio.

Faisal R

Missing A Lot
Dr Anupama Shrotri, Liverpool
Dr Anupama Shrotri, Liverpool

What I miss most about India on Republic Day is the flexibility, openness and warmth of people, the incredible sunrises and sunsets, the delicious street food and the easy tolerance of different views. But above all my parents and my childhood friends!

Dr Anupama Shrotri –Liverpool
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