London College Designs British Army Uniform

Date 230206 Location Reford Barracks, Edinburgh Photo by Mark Owens. Pictured are troops who participated in the pilot programme in 2005 and are all now fully trained TA soldiers (left to right) Private Paul Demarco (18) Scottish Transport Regiment (STR) a valeter with Reg Varley Motors; Private Darren Jackson (32) 52nd Lowland Regiment, a self-employed builder; Private Robert Wood (19) STR, a self-employed window cleaner; and front Private Charlene Marshall (19) STR, who is in alarm sales with Safe and Secure. NOTES TO EDITORS 1. Please call Army Press Officer, Bill Jamieson, for further information. 2. Summer Challenge 2006 is a brand new partnership between the Army and Jobcentre Plus Scotland to increase the number of troops in the TA in Scotland. Bill Jamieson G3 Media Operations HQ 51 (Scottish) Brigade Forthside Stirling 07900 607919 (mobile)

London’s Royal College of Art has collaborated with the Ministry of Defence to design a 21st century combat uniform for the British Army….reports Asian Lite News

The future concept uniform went on show for the first time at the showpiece Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition here in London, reports Xinhua news agency.

The combat uniform is part of the ministry’s plan to give high-quality, cutting-edge equipment to British soldiers.

The Royal College of Art researchers and designers worked on the clothing to ensure prototypes were fitted to the body, easy to run in and comfortable to wear.

Prototypes of the new clothing have already been assessed at the Specialist Weapons School in Warminster to help examine future uniform concepts.

The designs include advanced combat clothing, with new materials like four-way stretch “phase-change material” and silent hook-and-loop pockets.

The enhanced body armour is stronger, as well as having a new high-tech helmet with state-of-the-art, built-in communication systems.