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London Dhaba Beckons You

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DHABA@49: Taste of India in London

Asian Lite restaurant reviewer and columnist Richa Grover meets dynamic duo Ashish Chawla and Sandeep Singh, who are the driven and winning team behind the new haute restaurant on the London culinaryscape-Dhaba@49, nestled in the picturesque little Venice part of London’s plush Maidavale area.

 by . The two creators of this venture Sandeep and Ashish explained that their dishes at their ‘Dhaba’ themed restaurant are inspired by the roadside cafes of North India. Their team of chefs indeed have redefined this very special niche cuisine with a British twist, creating food that dazzles the taste-buds from that very first mouthful!

After trying out the recommended favourite dishes of the founders and savouring the delectable cuisine which can only get a 10/10 for flavour of the dishes across the menu, spicing -that’s just right, generous  portion size, promptness and attentiveness of service, decor and attention to detail, music and ambience to list a few winners… the interview followed as follows:

Richa: What can the future customers expect in terms of the whole experience package from dhaba@49 when they visit?

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Ashish Chawla and Sandeep Singh

Ashish and Sandeep- A friendly, welcoming and a relaxed environment. Whether it is a family celebration, or birthdays, anniversaries or a night out with friends and colleagues, we will encumber our patrons with our warm hospitality in our wonderfully vibrant restaurant.

Richa: Tell us about the decor, interiors and creatives of your brand ?

The very creative and well known Mariana Diaz from Spacio Architects has recreated our vision with the help of an artist extraordinaire, Jesal Patel. We envisaged a colourful reflection of the roadside cafes of North India, but also wanted to inject our personalities and background into the space which we proudly call ‘our restaurant’. The result is a colourful, stylish environment with an elegant private dining area included.

Richa: What does the cuisine of your restaurant take inspiration from and what part of India is the menu representative of?

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DHABA@49: Taste of India in London

Ashish & Sandeep: At Dhaba@49 our dishes are inspired by the roadside cafes of North India. We have redefined this very special niche cuisine with a British twist to bring to the discerning palates of the eating out lovers in London who look for that familiar touch, a menu that they will simply love. The reviews we have been getting from locals in the hood and guests visiting or travelling across London to try out our delectable specialities have all been rave and it’s just so humbling and encouraging all at once.

Richa: Is this your first venture together as a dynamic duo team and are there any future joint projects in the pipeline that we can know at this stage yet?

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DHABA@49: Taste of India in London

Ashish & Sandeep: Yes even though on paper it’s our first venture together but we have known each other in the food business sphere and as friends for a decade now and we also have had a period where we overlapped and worked together at  another’s venture called Venue 5. This was long coming and we are glad we have finally been able to make our vision a reality and as you can imagine our joy knows no bounds!  We would like to see how things progress at our first restaurant and get the concept totally foolproof right as that’s a creative process which is work in progress as we aim to reach greater heights daily. Once we have done this we may well consider another site which remains an ardent aspiration.

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DHABA@49: Taste of India in London

As the two mention “Whether its a family celebration, a birthday, anniversary or a night out with friends and colleagues, dhaba@49 promises to encumber the diners with their  warm hospitality”. They sure live up to it with aplomb.

This buzzing, cool, funky, quirky restaurant is a must visit jaunt for all foodies! They do home delivery too in the hood but a meal within its ambience and thematically decorated glory transports one to the dhaba charm of India while sitting in heart of London! Highly Recommended.

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