London Deputy Mayor Rajesh Agrawal calls on Theresa May to relax rules on Indian visas….reports Asian Lite News

Mayor Sadiq Khan with Deputy Mayor Rajesh Agrwal
Mayor Sadiq Khan with Deputy Mayor Rajesh Agrwal

Rajesh Agrawal, the Deputy Mayor of London for Business, urged Prime Minister Theresa May to relax the rules on Indian visas for high-skilled workers coming to Britain.

Speaking from Delhi in India, where he is visiting Indian businesses and entrepreneurs to discuss investing in tech companies in London, Rajesh Agrawal said: “In the aftermath of Brexit it is more important than ever that companies in London and across Britain have access to the global talent they need to grow and create jobs and prosperity.

“If we are to make the most of the opportunities presented by Brexit then we need to be more open to highly-skilled workers from countries including India coming to work for British companies.

“Of course we must and will do more to improve skills training for Londoners, but in sectors like financial services and tech, London has always benefited from the best of British and worldwide talent.

“Without access to skills, growth will not happen, jobs will not be created and Britain will be less prosperous than it could be.

“This is something the Prime Minister could do today to minimise the economic impact of Brexit and to create more jobs and prosperity across Britain.”

Rajesh Agrawal, who is also the chair of the Mayor’s promotional company London & Partners, is on a seven-day visit of Indore, Delhi and Mumbai, to meet key investors and to reinforce the message that London is open to investment, trade and talent.




  1. With a constant growing economic rate, India is emerging as the super power among all other nations. when Deputy Mayor Rajesh Agrawal stressed on the fact post-brexit, that London is open to investments, he didn’t leave behind his native country India.
    On his further talk, Agrawal stressed that Indore and two other cities have been selected for the smart city project by the Indian Government. He himself from Indore, emphasized that when there is constant movement of education from country to country, surely it will enhance better education opportunities for the talented folks and for openings for International trade as well.
    get going!!


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