Chelsea FC will host the second annual Smart Cities UK Conference On February 1st & 2nd,   2017. The conference will discuss the role technology can play in building smart cities….reports Asian Lite News

The venue, which is more synonymous with smart football than smart cities, will be host to over thirty speakers who will be on hand to support representatives of UK Cities and Towns to transform their regions. This transformation comes in all shapes and sizes, however across the two days’ participants will have the opportunity to learn about such areas as Data, Cyber security, Resilience and Autonomous Vehicles. Why are all these important you may ask?

The development of a smarter city has been emerging across the United Kingdom for the past decade. Cities such as Bristol, Glasgow and London have led the way in emerging transformation of societal and economic development using technology.

Examples of this can be found in the town centre of many Cities where citizens are provided with the digital infrastructure to access wi-fi, where litter bins are telling the council when to be emptied and where street lights are reacting to movement rather than a time setting.

Across Europe cities such as Amsterdam, Helsinki and Barcelona have been implementing citizen engagement technology for well over twenty years. This technology has been born out of consultation, trends and evidence in which cities can demonstrate where day to day challenges are appearing.

For instance, many UK Cities have recently faced substantial problems in relation to flooding. These incidents are both economical and societal damaging therefore how should they be addressed.

It’s not just technology which forms the smart cities agenda. Most aspects of a smart city are developed through behavior change processes in which challenges are identified by disrupting the current solution.

This disruption is evident across the world with such commercial examples as Uber in which the common practice of taxi services was disrupted by an organisation whom do not own any taxis. The disruption that is demonstrated in Uber is being utilised across Cities in the UK with examples from the likes of Manchester, Milton Keynes and Birmingham on show at the two-day conference.

These cities, amongst others, will be highlighting how they are working with local authorities and industry to overcome city centric challenges which include digital infrastructure, affordable house development and smart energy systems.

The Conference will provide delegates with an opportunity to be introduced to the concept of a smart city and how it can be both cost effective and transformational for citizens across the country. By attending delegates have the chance to understand how they can create a smarter environment for their citizens whilst not being frightened off with terminology and policy.



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