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London to host Thumri & Khya

Rajan and Sajan Mishra

India’s lost art forms Thumri and Hhyal will be performed in London….reports Asian Lite News


Rajan and Sajan Mishra
Rajan and Sajan Mishra

AMC’s Lost Traditions is a celebration of Mughal India’s rich history and the artforms of  courtesans of that era.  Lost Traditions contains a series of spectacular experiences, including an exhibition besides Thumri, Ghazal and Qawali concerts.

The season aims to reawaken the enchanting sounds of Indian history and bring them exclusively to Western audiences.

An exploration of the classical music from the Mughal era, this series of special concerts will feature two artistes on 5th September singing in Thumri style –  Savita Devi and Radhika Chopra .

On Friday 11th September, brothers Rajan and Sajan Mishra singers of the North Indian style of Khyal, will arrive at Cadogan Hall for an exclusive performance. Invited by The AMC for an exclusive, one-off concert, the brothers hail from the artistic quarter of India in the ancient city of Varanasi. 

The Lost Traditions exhibition aims to answer unanswered questions about India’s forgotten courtesans and addresses issues surrounding who exactly the Tawa’if were, how their role in society was defined.

Savita Devi
Savita Devi

Taking a look at the Tawa’if’s journey from “salons to the concert stage,” attendees can expect to hear original recordings from India’s first recording artists and see the earliest photographs and paintings of the Tawa’ifs. Open from 4th-6th September at the Royal Geographic society in Kensington, on the 5th September, the exhibition will host an open forum on Women in Entertainment featuring talks by leading researchers, Dr Anna Morcom (Royal Holloway) and Dr Richard Williams (Oxford University).  A unique view into the forgotten past of Indian and Britain’s complex cultural history, Tawa’ifbreathes life into a bygone era through early paintings, photographs and sound recordings of these forgotten female artists.

Completing the experience are a series of concerts, which the AMC will be hosting. Concert-goers can expect enchanting performances of India’s most historic music styles, Thumri and Khyal. Largely performed by the Tawa’if during the late 18th century, Thumri is a light-classical song form and has a prominent place in Indian music history.







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