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Mancunians Mark Sewa Day 

Sewa Day in Manchester

Members of the Indian community in Manchester mark Sewa (selfless service) Day with several activities….reports Asian Lite News

Sewa Day in Manchester
Sewa Day in Manchester

Recently volunteers from Sewa UK and Hindu Swayamsevak (HSS) Charities took a task for weeding, clearing and planting bulbs in the Gorse Hill area in Stretford through Trafford Council. Volunteers were supposed to meet at the site at 9 AM and it was the day when the Manchester Half marathon was planned too.  Everyone decided to board metro services to travel to the venue. At the start of the day, weather did not help as it was a rainy and windy which resulted in a bit of a delay.

Braving all odds with full of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to fulfil the task taken volunteers  formed  two teams of 10 Adults and 10 children of various age groups each.

Sewa Day in Manchester
Sewa Day in Manchester

The teams were greeted by Ruth Hanna who is the Lead on the project and is very passionate about her work. The Gorgeous Gorse Hill project is a group of local residents, who are working together to try and improve the local area. She provided teams bulbs and equipment, along with some training in planting the bulbs. Both groups worked for about two  hours where they cleaned, weeded a big area on the road side and planted all the bulbs.

Mr Amit Narang , one of the volunteer said: ‘’Sewa is an important aspect in Hinduism. In the Indian language of Sanskrit, Sewa means ‘Selfless service’. Sewa day provides an opportunity to do something positive to bring a meaningful difference to a person, environment or a society.’’

‘’It was an amazing experience for all of us and especially for the kids who despite the horrible weather enjoyed the planting of bulbs. At the end of two hours we had a much neater and better looking area at the road side which will hopefully look much better to the marathon runners next year.’’ said Narang.

The group thanked Ruth Hannan and her team from Gorgeous Gorse Hill, Emma Powell of Thrive Trafford and the Trafford Council who gave them an opportunity to do this service.

Another volunteer Mr Devjoy Dev from the team said: ‘’The hardest stage of any work is the first to actually step out, to make that effort to move. to really appreciate the volunteers who conquered this stage all around the UK who put their time into helping the community on Sewa Day this year.’’

“Sewa is a universal concept, which involves performing an act of kindness without expectation of reward.” Dev added.

Sewa Day in Manchester
Sewa Day in Manchester

Another team Manchester Surya/Kaveri Shakha held their second Sewa Day project at the Gita Bhavan Mandir sweeping the outside car park, removing weeds, planting bulbs, cutting the hedges and cleaning the dining hall. The group helped to put it into a better and more respectable condition than earlier. The thing that struck volunteers and others was the range of age group of people who came to help.



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