The mayor of London Sadiq Khan is all set to visit six cities in India and Pakistan later this year, his first official visit to both the nations as a part of his campaign ‘London is open’….reports Asian Lite News

London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Covering six cities in six days, Khan will be looking to attract investments from both the countries.

“This is a really important mission as there are so many areas in which London can work with its counterparts across India and Pakistan in tackling challenges like air pollution and climate change”, Mayor said

One of the major constraints between India and UK’ trade relationship has been the existing immigration rules which discourage both investors and students to come to London. Responding to the issue of immigration he said, “London is open to all. Its open to talents, its open to businesses and its not in anyone’s interest to prevent students to study in London.Not to forget that they contribute to the economy.”

The labour politician who will be joined by his deputy Rajesh Agrawal on his tour, would be visiting Mumbai, Delhi and Amritasar in India before heading to Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi in Pakistan.

This would be Sadiq Khan’s first official visit to both the nations as a part of his campaign ‘London is open’. Amid the uncertainty after Brexit, he would seek to demonstrate that London is open to business as ever and continues to welcome people. Excited about this upcoming trip he said, ” As someone whose grandparents were born in India and whose parents moved to London from Pakistan, I feel deep affinity for the subcontinent. This trip can deliver real benefits for Londoners.

London has been one of the most sought after destinations for Bollywood (Indian film industry) with nearly 260 million of invard investment from Indian film productions between 2008 and 2016. The itinerary for the Mayor’s visit is still being finalised.



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