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Mr Cage, please get out of the box


Cage’s research director Asim Qureshi told the media that the Jihadi John was in fact ‘beautiful and kind’ and it was the intimidation by the spooks that unhinged him, making him the callous, bloodthirsty butcher that we know of today …writes YZ Patel

Jihadi John‘Victim culture’. A recent inception where the onus of responsibility for any actions are the cause of everyone else but the protagonist. The problem with Muslims is Muslims themselves. Sometimes you wish all these groups that pretend to delineate the views of 2.7 million followers of the religion within the UK would crawl back to where they came from, mainly from every part of East Londonistan.
CAGE the group that represents ‘Inculpable Muslims’ harassed by GCHQ was the appointed public relations arm of now the unmasked executioner of innocents going to help other innocents in far flung cesspits, told us that he was in fact ‘beautiful and kind’ and it was the intimidation by the spooks that unhinged him, making him the callous, bloodthirsty butcher that we know of today.

They said all that without a hint of irony. CAGE fights for human right violations, they represent people who believe their rights have been abused. So they see no contradiction  in acting on behalf of someone who mercilessly beheads humanitarians like Alan Henning, David Haines et al. They also put up ‘white convert’ Cerie Bullivant cleverly to defend the group and give a plausible reason to why someone they knew, having a number of conversations with, would go from being harassed and feeling suicidal to cutting the heads of the aforementioned.

The hour long press conference looked like something from Chris Morris’s ‘Four Lions’ complete with Bullivant as Barry, the role played by Nigel Lindsay in the dark comedy. Bullivant not liking a particular line of interrogation by inquisitor general Ms Burley, predictably stormed off.

The question being what he felt about the Daesh beheadings of Western hostages. He felt he should not have to ‘Justify our humanity by saying that I am shocked by something as brutal as this’. Unfortunately he does so he can then come out with the caveats how he believes the actions of the UK led their ‘friend’ to go to a foreign country and become chief murderer.

CAGE also conveniently forgot the fact their bullied mate was trying to join Al Shabaab the Somali off shoot of Al Qaeda before being questioned by MI5, not afterwards, but to mention any of that would dilute their argument of making the UK security services and whoever else culpable for the turning of their co-religionist into a cold blooded killer.

Further investigation into the life and upbringing of Kuwait’s most infamous ex West London resident revealed that in fact even his apologists got it wrong. It was in fact him falling over one day whilst playing football in year six and hitting his head on a goal post that made him a deranged psychopath. He was not the same since that brain injury one million percent we are being told by someone that knew him.

According to a former secondary school teacher he had multitude of other issues. It is now unanimously acknowledged that he was ‘lovely’, a fact that is now even supported by those that taught him, rather like the Krays were or the Yorkshire Ripper or Harold Shipman. Most sociopaths  generally are or start out to be. The teacher confided that he would ‘get very angry and worked up and it would take him a long time for him to calm himself down’.

The school realising he had concerns after continuously getting into fights enrolled him on a ‘anger therapy’ course to help him control these emotions. Nothing out of the ordinary there then. All lovely boys have such problems they need to contend and be given treatment for.

After his migration to the UK from Kuwait he was evidently behind the other kids in primary school and struggled, however the teacher says by the time he was in secondary school he had caught up. One suggestion was that he might have been bullied in primary school being the only Muslim in his class and this was one of the many factors of causation to the situation he finds himself in today purportedly.

We can expediently forget the thousands of children with these difficulties that do not go on to foreign climes to engage in murder. Some people get bullied, picked on abused at school. This is not a new phenomenon, but these feelings of resentment are not harboured and then taken onto another extreme and manifested in this way twenty years later.

The other common thread is the one about foreign policy, and in this case the university he attended which was a hotbed for ‘Islamic Radical Preachers’ who proselytise this global cause where the west is singularly involved in eradicating the religion, was what turned him from a mild mannered consumer of cannabis and vodka to the end game today. The cause célèbre he was looking for to self medicate himself for all the things the UK had done to him and other Muslims. This likely to be a more significant contributor than any other.

The fact the United Kingdom welcomed his family from Kuwait at the age of six, gave him a home, a education, the ability to think with his free will, to have the opportunity to be the master of his own destiny, the fact that he took a interest into a particular subversive brand of the faith and then proceeded to join a terrorist group which made him the target of the security services was nothing to do with it.

The absurd argument from CAGE that people should be allowed to do whatever they want is a ridiculous claim in the extremes. When these ‘lone wolf’s’ or groups commit whatever atrocities they’re going to perpetrate on these shores or elsewhere it is indiscriminate. They are going to kill Muslims as well as anybody else with their ire. We saw this with the French Terrorists, in the 7/7 bombings. And then the victims? The rest of the Muslims that want to go about their everyday business and become productive members of society who have to defend themselves for a moronic minority.

What needs to happen is the cessation of these mouthpieces. They do nothing but bring the doctrine and its followers into disrepute. I do not want to read CAGE press releases in my inbox of his journey and what had happened to him. The correlation between whatever they say and to the situation now cannot be explained by the nihilists trying to defend the indefensible. What I do know is what I see, and what I see is something that no religion, no group no representatives can make any excuse for no matter how they dress it up.