If I had to shoot everyone who treated me unkindly it would be carnage…. writes Bikram Vohra

Indrani AHave you noticed how sleaze knocks hard news off the page or the screen. We have these two TV journalists in the US who were killed by a disgruntled ex-mate while on location. It is believed he said they treated him unkindly.

If I had to shoot everyone who treated me unkindly it would be carnage.
People are crazy.

Take this love octagon (as compared to triangle) in the Mukherjea family in India where there is a wife ( Indrani) on a third marriage with two children but her daughter has been seen as her sister (Sheena) and she was going around with the son of the third husband (Rahul) and he did not know his wife ‘s so called sister was actually her daughter and there is also an earlier husband (Sanjeev) and these are not unknown people but integral to the charmed circle and their high profile has got TV in a tizzy and through a frenzied tsunami of cheerful mispronunciation are generating so much froth that it would be amusing if it wasn’t so tragic.

A young girl was killed and buried. Ah, screams the media, she was missing for three years and no one complained. I fail to understand the connection. There are scores of people we meet and befriend and unfriend and disinvite from our lives and we don’t see them or hear of them for three years. If the current husband (Peter) was told by his wife to stay out of it he would probably shrug and say, okay, fine.
He would not say, hmmm, I think she’s murdered her sister whose actually her daughter.
So far the only tentative motive seems to be disapproval of the murdered girl’s affair with Peter’s son. Point is, there is on incest, no blood relation.
Seems like a flimsy motive for killing your child.

Forgotten in this social scandal are the Gujarat riots and the ex-servicemen’s 74 day old strike. And we all know once the concentration drops it is very tough to get it back again. Such is the fickle nature of news coverage and its complete absence of stamina echoed pretty much by a public that gets bored easily.

I am afraid the soldiers of the past will have to hang in there and weather the scandal storm because it is India’s OJ Simpson rolled into Oscar Pistorius and comes replete with celebrities willing to give their opinionated advice and this is only Act One.

There’s going to nothing but poorly poured excitement in vhat vill be an interminable wiewing marathon.

Oh yes, there is also a driver in this scenario (Shyam Rai) who is the only one to link Mum to daughter. The script of this saga reads like a third rate B movie but might become a block buster, more’s the pity.



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