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Muslim Biz Forum Seeks Brexit


More than 70 leading members of the Muslim business community have launched Muslims for Britain….reports Asian Lite News

Muslim For Britain Logo
Muslim For Britain Logo

Muslims for Britain is a new British organisation talking about British issues faced by Muslim business people. The group has decided that their first issue will be working for a ‘leave’ vote in the EU referendum and will be joining the Vote Leave coalition.

At the recent event in Birmingham, over 70 leading Muslim business people from across the country – and from industries including manufacturing and media – gathered to discuss the campaign. The meeting was addressed by Dan Hannan MEP.

The Muslims for Britain Board includes: Saqib Bhatti (Joint Secretary-General); Aftab Chughtai (Joint Secretary-General and Business Champion); Naheed Majeed (Former Lady Mayoress of Windsor and National Campaign Lead); Iftikhar Awan (Consultant and Lead for Manchester and Yorkshire); Obaidullah Khan (West Midlands Lead); and Abdus Hamid (Lead for South of England).

Saqib Bhatti
Saqib Bhatti

Saqib Bhatti, Joint Secretary-General of Muslims for Britain, said “We are a British organisation engaging in British issues, and we think there is a need for the voice of Muslim businesspeople to be heard in the EU referendum debate. Muslims for Britain will campaign with Vote Leave. We are a community of wealth creators, job providers and great economic contributors to the UK and we believe Britain would thrive outside the EU.”

Aftab Chughtai
Aftab Chughtai

Aftab Chughtai, Joint Secretary-General of Muslims for Britain, said: “Britain needs to fully embrace the global market, as we have a strong future outside the EU. We could have a fairer immigration system that recognises the incredible contribution from the Commonwealth in the past, and we could secure trade deals with exciting and expanding countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Australia.”

Dan Hannan MEP, who addressed those attending the reception, said “The EUreferendum is an opportunity to rediscover Britain’s global vocation. A leave vote would allow Britain to become a global trading nation again and allow an improved system for immigration that does not necessarily prioritise immigration from the European Union.”

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