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NRIs urged to register online for votes

Pravasi Bharat Group's Indian Independence Day Event at Tavistock Square, London

Pravasi Bharat, a London-based organiation, welcomes and thanks the Election Commission of India (ECI) for enabling online registration process to facilitate voting for Non-Resident Indians (Indian citizens living abroad) in Indian elections….reports Asian Lite News

Pravasi Bharat Group's Indian Independence Day Event at Tavistock Square, London
Pravasi Bharat Group’s Indian Independence Day Event at Tavistock Square, London

“It is the known fact that, as an organisation we have been relentlessly working for the remote voting options for Indian Citizens living abroad (NRI’s) from 2012 onwards,” the organisation said in a statement. “We started with letters to government ministries, followed it with online petitions and demonstrations, marched in London, submitted follow-up requests and finally filed a PIL in Honourable Supreme Court. There were many significant step forwards which we have achieved on this subject so far.

“In the course of our journey, we believe this is a big step forward – and our heartfelt thanks to ECI, for taking up measures to increase the overseas voter registration. Therefore importantly, it is now the duty of every non-resident Indian citizen to get themselves registered and spread the word.

The forum has appealed to all eligible NRIs to get registered online at  http://www.nvsp.in/forms/form6a.html


“Every vote is important in a democracy, as the elected representatives of a democratic country are endowed with trust, responsibility and power to work for its development,” the forum said. “The elected representatives have a huge say in some of the most critical areas which affect day-to-day life of all citizens including education, health, policing, infrastructure, external and internal affairs. An election gives the public an opportunity to select their representatives who can change/improve how these departments are conducted.

 “Official records indicate that there are over 10 million Indian citizens living abroad, and with 543 Loksabha constituencies, this converts into an incredible average of 18,000 votes per constituency. These additional votes, if polled, will obviously play a crucial role in India’s development. We believe it is a fundamental duty of every NRI to register to vote & have our say in India’s development & well-being through the http://www.nvsp.in/forms/form6a.html