The Paris attack reminds us Mumbai and London…. writes Bikram Vohra

People paying tribute to victims of Paris terror attacks
People paying tribute to victims of Paris terror attacks

What does one write about something so dastardly that anything you say is inadequate? Of course, it reminds you of Mumbai and London but so what? How does that help?

How does anyone makes sense out of the senseless? Where are words…in which language can you express anguish of this magnitude?

The raids killed 128 people and injured 200 of which over 90 are in critical condition. The ripple effect is yet to start. The rage is so intense that even moderate leaders, especially in the EU, will now find it difficult to widen their arms to the hundreds of thousands of refugees.

The fear that the innocent will have to pay a heavy price for these assaults is palpable and very real. We know that as winter falls the agony of these men, women and children will be compounded by a chilling retribution as aid and support slow down.

Those who masterminded this series of attacks on innocents have not got even with France as a nation fighting in Syria, if that was the provocation but have actually placed a vast swathe of the human race into jeopardy.

Not only is there the political fallout but the stress of being a Muslim in Europe this morning is scary. Why should thousands of hardworking and sincere good citizens, fathers and mothers providing for their families have to be afraid to go down the street?

Why will children have to avoid school or face taunts from others?

Why on earth engage in this killing spree at a time when the world is struggling with the largest refugee problem ever? Nothing is resolved, there is no upside, no positive intake, nothing but grief and shock and pure horror.

If this tragedy does not unify the world against terrorism per se in any form or fashion and make the comity of nations open the doors on sharing data and cracking down on militants and all those who target civilians we are doomed to keep mumbling clichés of condemnation that ring hollow and are not even band aids on gaping wounds.

What has happened cannot be undone. Even the best of intelligence cannot be failsafe. Someone will always get through if they are ready to die for their cause and take innocents with them. Now, all that can and must be done is to end the talking and create a collective defence.
Failing to do that and holding talks in Brussels and making promises of intent have worn thin. This is the chance to turn things around…these gun toting criminals don’t care who they kill or how much misery they spray.

There has to be a new order and a realisation that terrorists speak for no one, no religion, no faith, no belief. If there is no concerted move with every battle such as this our planet comes closer to losing the war.



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