Cameron will address the parliament at 13.30 GMT

David Cameron with President Junker in Brussels
David Cameron with President Junker in Brussels

Prime Minister David Cameron will outline details to MPs in a Commons statement, starting at 15.30 GMT, of last week’s deal with EU leaders on reforms to the terms of the UK’s membership, which paved the way for him to call a referendum on EU membership on 23 June.

He says the deal strengthens British sovereignty and the UK will be “safer and stronger” remaining in the EU.

David Cameron will face MPs later as he presents his case for the UK remaining within the 28-member organisation.

Meanwhile, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon rejected the claims by his cabinet colleague Ian Duncan Smith that UK will face Paris-model attacks if the Kingdom remains in the EU.

“The UK will be taking a big gamble with its security if it votes to leave the European Union,” said Fallon. The “collective weight” of partnerships such as the EU made it easier to deal with global threats, he told the BBC.




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