Prominent writers, including writer-politician Mridula Sinha, Governor of Goa, share their experience at a workshop in Croydon to promote India’s national language Hindi…writes Ragasudha Vinjamuri

Anupama Kumarajyoti receiving honour from Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha
Anupama Kumarajyoti receiving honour from Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha

An interesting workshop was organised recently at Croydon during which famous writers from India and Britain have given their expert guidelines on story-writing in Hindi.

Organised by Anupama Kumarjyoti and Roopa Lutzenberger, the workshop saw the presence of noted writer-actor-director Tejendra Sharma of Katha UK, Cllr Zakia Zuberi, Editor of Pravasi Sansar Rakesh Pandey and Tarun Kumar from High Commission of India’s Hindi and Sanskrit section.

Governor of Goa and distinguished guest of the evening Mrs Mridula Sinha, an acclaimed writer, spoke on her journey and tryst with writing, outlining the opportunities and challenges she has faced.

Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha at the event
Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha at the event

She narrated on her works Nayi Devyani, Rajpath Se Lokpath Par, Dekhan Mein Chhoti Lage that revolve around social issues. She suggests that a literary person should be like a honey bee, extract different topics and develop useful literature. She underscored that literary persons are important for the health of the society, highlighting how they help shaping up collective thought process of the society. She has also emphasised that the society has a duty to protect women.

Writer Tejendra Sharma has taken the audiences through the art of story writing, highlighting the importance of writer’s creativity and has given a bird’s eye view of his works including Deh Ki Keemat, Ye Kya Ho Gaya, Kala Sagar and Ye Ghar Tumhara Hai. He has also hailed Cllr Zuberi’s stories on politics. He has opined that full-time writing (in Hindi) may produce more useful work that is research oriented.

Katha-UK and Pravasi Sansar have also jointly organised another event at the House of Commons the next day, marking the 10th anniversary of Pravasi Sansar.



  1. Croydon witnessed a literary voyage indeed!!
    With eminent personality like Mridula Sinha’s presence, it truly would have been a heartening experience for those who attended the workshop. Agreeing with her view that writers are the backbone and are responsible for the nurturing of a healthy society, we should keep up the aesthetic pleasure and sustaining the importance of good reading in the coming generation.
    Coming to the importance of our official language Hindi, which is enriched and carries our deep rooted culture and tradition is slowly losing its virtue in the long run. With the globalization effect and majority of the family switching on to English as their mother tongue, it has become really difficult to sustain Hindi language in our country. Thus, it is our responsibility to nurture the diversity of our official language.


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