Radhika Vemula denied she was given money to target the BJP over her son’s death. She made this clarification following to BJP’s accuse against opposition “exploiting the sentiments” of Radhika Vemula, and promises made to her not kept. Reports Asian Lite news..

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Radhika Vemula (facebook)

“This is…full of lies. Nobody paid me to criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the BJP. I do hold them responsible for my son’s death,” Radhika clarifies

“I only told an online media that the Indian Union Muslim League promised me some money to buy a house following my son’s death. But that was not for attending any rally or criticising the Prime Minister or the BJP, she said. She added that organisers of the rallies made travel arrangements for her. “I still do my job (stitching clothes) for livelihood,” she added.

The BJP on Wednesday accused the Opposition of “exploiting the sentiments” of Radhika Vemula, mother of scholar Rohith Vemula whose suicide in 2016 had led to a major political row.Railway Minister Piyush Goyal cited reports that Ms. Vemula had accused the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), a Kerala-based party, of not giving her the promised sum of ₹20 lakh to attend political rallies, where much of the rhetoric was anti-BJP.

Noting that Congress president Rahul Gandhi had shared the stage with Ms. Vemula, Mr. Goyal demanded that it should be found out what promises were made to her. “The Congress president should apologise,” he said, claiming that Opposition parties have been unmasked for their politics based on lies.

“How long will Opposition parties continue with such abhorrent tactics for petty political gains? The condition of the family [the Vemulas] was not good and she was promised money for political reasons so that she could share the stage with Opposition leaders and level allegations,” Mr. Goyal said at a press conference.The BJP condemned this low level of politics and political misuse of such an incident, Mr. Goyal added.




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