The positive attitude to tide over crises and compassion to help fellow human beings make Reena different from others. Reena Ranger, the Conservative candidate from Birmingham Hall Green taking a brief break from the campaign trail to talk to Asian Lite News

 by . As the founder of the Women Empowered, Reena Ranger played hostess to many events inspiring several members from the community to become entrepreneurs.

Baroness Sandip Verma; Baroness Saeeda Warsi, Baroness Shreela Flather; Lord Karan Bilimoria, Priti Patel MP, London deputy mayor Rajesh Agrawal; ace director Gurnider Chadha etc were in the long list of dignitaries attended the Women Empowered events to inspire young women and helping them to hone their skills . The topics they covered for discussions include Shattering Glass Ceilings; Dare to Dream; Adversity & Achievement; Creating and Seizing opportunities etc. #

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Reena Ranger with Prime Minister Theresa May

The positive attitude to tide over crises and compassion to help fellow human beings make Reena different from others. Reena Ranger, the Conservative candidate from Birmingham Hall Green taking a brief break from the campaign trail to answer our questions:

Why do you want to become an MP?

I think it is fair to say that before I had my first child, I did not think that politics was for me. After I became the mother of two children, I realised the importance of strong and stable local and national leadership to make decisions that will affect the lives of my children. I want to be an MP because I want to make a positive impact in the world through public service.

2)      Three changes you want to implement in your constituency

Reena knocks the door at No 10

Birmingham is the second largest city and some substantial businesses are opening here. This combined with devolution makes it an exciting time. We have an excellent pro-active mayor in Andy Street. We need to share the success of the region, to truly create the society that works for all, not just the privileged few. . I would like to hold job fairs to bring employers and job seekers together; to back plans to reopen Moseley and Kings Heath stations to help alleviate traffic congestion and help our high streets and business.  I also want to back Theresa May in ensuring we get the best Brexit deal for the UK as a whole but also the residents of Birmingham Hall Green.

3)      Are you confident of winning this seat. Why?

I am most certainly going to give it my best shot! I think the people of Hall Green sense the time for change – Andy Street won against the odds because people have realised that this region deserves better. This election is going to be determined not only because of the ability of local candidates but whether people can bring themselves to vote again for a Labour leader who will put our nation’s safety and economic security at risk.

4)      Why do you want the electorate to support Conservatives in this election?

 by . This is a crucial time for us all and we must ensure we get the best Brexit deal possible.  The only way to be sure of strong, stable leadership through Brexit and beyond is to vote for Theresa May and her local Conservative candidate on 8 June, for Birmingham Hall Green this is me.

5)      What is your vision for post-Brexit Britain?

Brexit is now going to be at the forefront of all decisions and I am entirely confident that with Theresa May at the helm we will make a success of it. I understand both sides of the argument; we now must approach Brexit with a collegiate manner and will have the freedom to set our own policies and vision with the UK at the heart of an outward looking global UK.

I am committed to supporting Theresa May in the implementation of the will of the people and to ensure all our voices are heard and to get the best deal for the UK as a whole and the residents of Birmingham Hall Green if elected.

6)       The BAME community is still under represented in the parliament and government. What is your take on it?

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Reena Ranger during a Women Empowered event

There has been much progress but there is still more to be done. We need to encourage more participation and involvement from the BAME communities and also inspire people to want to pursue a political path.

Having role models sharing their stories and journeys along with providing support and encouragement is what led me to stand for election. We have a wealth of talent coming through as seen by many of the candidates at this election, it is only a matter of time but we need political engagement from the BAME communities as well as equality of opportunity from political parties.  Some BAME groups have the highest voter participation.  Going out to vote is the first step.

7)      As a community, British Asians are still hesitant to join main stream politics. What is your advise to the new generation on politics and nation building

You have to be in it to win it! This is our country, our home, our world and our participation is crucial at all levels to ensure it looks after us and we look after it.

8)      Who is your role model in politics

I believe that everyone has something to teach you. I made a conscious decision a while ago to take every opportunity and person as a lesson and to learn from it.  I am a Conservative that takes inspiration from Margaret Thatcher’s determination to stand up and fix what is broken. I believe in the words and the call of David Cameron and his modernising agenda showing that our party is suitable and right for diverse communities, women and all generations. I believe in Theresa May’s strong, stable and pragmatic leadership and dedication to getting the job done at what will undoubtedly be a crucial time for all of us.



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