Inspiring Indian Women organises ‘Say No to Body Shaming’ event in London….reports Asian Lite News

Inspiring Indian Women organises ‘Say no to Body Shaming’ event in London
Inspiring Indian Women organises ‘Say no to Body Shaming’ event in London

Inspiring Indian Women supported by Kay Aujla, casting director and a law graduate, organise a one of its kind event – A panel discussion and a fashion show with 35 beautiful people of all shapes and sizes at Nehru Centre, London.

Graced by the Mayor of Lambeth  Dr Madam Saleha Jaffer, the first Muslim Mayor of Lambeth Council originally from Hyderabad/ Telangana, the event seemed to be close to her heart as she shared her own journey and the body shaming experiences she came across.

The event started with a traditional Kathak performance by Ms Kavita Gupta and then a beautiful ramp walk by women and men from various walks of life, which was then followed by a panel discussion, wherein we got to know a lot about what is body shaming and why it happens?

As rightly stated by one of the panellists “No one can hurt you without your consent”, so Say No to Body Shaming. Mr Prabhakar Kaza brought about the awareness by stating his view point on the issue and told the audience what medically it means to be having the right body structure and size. It was very informative and healthy discussion and everyone was glad to be a part of such initiative. The talk involved the “Fair & Lovely” adverts to the routine getting slimmer or being thin concepts. There was a lot of insight on how “Body Shaming” is nothing but a kind of “Bullying”, which not just demoralises oneself but also makes them feel inferior and depressed. Worst part being it coming from our own fellowmen and fellow women, most probably who thrust upon us their own insecurities and inferiority complex.

The panellists included Dr Mahadeo Bhide, fertility expert, London Medical Education, Mr Prabhakar Kaza (Director at Kaza Business Consultants Limited), Rehana Ameer (Entrepreneur, Founder and Director of Prosap Technologies Limited an IT and Engineering consulting firm) Lalit Sharma (Associate CIPD , MBA in Marketing, founder member Voice of Dogras) and Kiran Anil (Occupational Therapist & Senior Learning Support Officer Special Education).

The discussion was chaired by Mrs Lakshmi Kaul, Political aide and India Adviser to British Parliamentarian Mr Bob Blackman, who very gracefully gave an opportunity to the attendees, to delve into some personal journeys and look at the very concept of Body Shaming. What is the root cause and why people at some point in their lives, start shaming, not just others but their own bodies as well. An insight into what may be done to overcome this & how the fashion landscape is changing the whole idea of Beauty, the media projection of ‘beauty’ is creating stereotypes of breaking these stereotypes? Excellent points were made by Madam Mayor, Mrs Geetha Chari- Kaza, Shireen Moti and other members of the audience who participated in the discussion wholeheartedly. Finally, the discussion ended with a thought from an esteemed audience member Mr Javed Hussain, who opined that mother is always beautiful for a child and vice versa.

Inspiring Indian Women organises ‘Say no to Body Shaming’ event in London
Inspiring Indian Women organises ‘Say no to Body Shaming’ event in London

The show stopper of the event was a Confident Young Designer and Entrepreneur, especially abled – Joe Jervis. To name a few,  the ramp walk was staged by Madam Dr Saleha Jaffer, Raja Vasista, Seema Agarwal, PushpaMak,  ArtiRawalVyas, NeelamHeera, KayAujla,MeenakshiParanpe,InderKhanna, LaraCarolDeen, RinkuNaidu ,Mrs Manisha Dixit, Mrs PrajaktaManjure, Mrs Rehana Ameer , Mrs Lakshmi Kaul , Mrs Geetha Chari- Kaza, Mrs KalpanaDoshi, Mrs Richa Sharma,  Mrs DarshiniJoshi, MrsManju Masson,  MrsRadhikaDhirArora,MrsSumanMehta,MrsKiranAnil, KiruthikaRajeswaran,  Mrs Ranjani Srinivasan , Mrs Anupama Nagarajakumar , Mrs Usha Parmar, Deepshikha Arora, Milind Katudia and Jasmine Gulati (Binti Ambassador) and many more.

The dance was choreographed by Ms. Carol Deen and the Ramp walk by Ms. Priyanka Kanvinde.

Evening ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Rashmi Mishra, one of the founder members of IIW and organiser of the event, the other being Ms. Richa Kalra. It was Indeed a very insightful event and very thought provoking one.

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