Vick Balch, a 20-year-old woman injured in the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash has had her leg amputated, her lawyer said.

alton towers1She had her right leg amputated below the knee following seven rounds of surgery.

She was injured when the theme park’s Smiler ride crashed into an empty carriage in front of it on 2 June.

Days after the crash, it emerged that Leah Washington, 17, had to have a leg amputated above the knee. Other riders sustained serious leg injuries reported BBC.

Miss Balch’s lawyer Paul Paxton said: “Vicky has had a long and incredibly painful fight to retain her leg. Regrettably, her bravery has not been rewarded.

“The step was taken to remove the leg following seven bouts of surgery. Further surgery will be required in the immediate future, which may involve a more acute amputation.”

Miss Balch, from Leyland, was sitting in the front of the ride alongside Miss Washington, Joe Pugh and Daniel Thorpe, when it hit an empty carriage.



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