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Seema Turns Heat on Corbyn

Seema Malhotra MP at the Trafalgar Event

Seema Malhotra MP has accused an aide to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of entering her parliamentary office without her permission

Seema Malhotra MP at the Trafalgar Event
Seema Malhotra MP at the Trafalgar Event

The former shadow cabinet minister files a formal complaint to Speaker John Bercow, saying the “privacy, security and confidentiality” of her MP’s office had been violated.¬†She also said her staff had felt “harassed, intimidated and insecure”.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said an aide had been checking when the office would be vacated, and denied intimidation, BBC reported.

Ms Malhotra resigned as shadow chief secretary to the Treasury last month in protest at Mr Corbyn’s leadership and is now backing leadership challenger Owen Smith.

In a statement, Ms Malhotra said staff working for Mr Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell had gained “unauthorised entry into my office in parliament”.

The MP for Feltham and Heston described several incidents when people from the leader’s office used digital keys to open the office door.

“The implications of this are extremely serious,” she said.

“This is a breach of parliamentary privilege and is a violation of the privacy, security and confidentiality of a member of parliament’s office.

“Furthermore, my staff, including an intern, who have always been courteous and open, have felt harassed, intimidated and insecure and decided themselves it would be best to not leave anyone alone in the office.”

She has complained to Mr Bercow and to Mr Corbyn and called for a formal investigation.

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