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VIDEO: Sharma Campaign Gathers Momentum

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Virendra Sharma launches campaign at Ealing, Southall

The Indian community in Britain is looking to Ealing & Southall to see the victory margin of Virendra Sharma, the most popular Indian-origin British politician who is contesting from one of the safest Labour seats in London….reports Asian Lite News

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Virendra Sharma launches campaign at Ealing, Southall

Hundreds of supporters arrived at a busy spot in Ealing, Southall to show their support at Mr Virendra Sharma aka Sharmaji to launch his campaign to retain the seat.

He will be a sure winner – but the question is whether he is going to cross the victory margin of 20,000.  Sharma, a former local mayor and a councillor, seeking re-election with an agenda of progress, tolerance, democracy and secularism.

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Virendra Sharma launches campaign at Ealing, Southall

“I am proud to represent the area I have lived in for the last 49 years and my campaign will focus on our community and how much we can achieve,” said Mr Sharma. “This election must be about bringing people together, improving people’s lives and turning our backs on the politics of division.

“This is a British election, and we should be debating British values, not old community conflicts, ancient arguments and squabbles from half a world away and half a century ago. Ealing Southall should be a standard bearer for tolerance and integration. We achieve so much more when we cooperate, when we unite and when we come together. It harms our community when we see ourselves as different and live separate lives.

“I believe in the freedom of speech, I believe in debate and I believe in the ballot box. We only damage ourselves when we resort to scare tactics and when we try to silence dissenting opinion. I will represent all of Ealing Southall, I will represent every religion, every culture and those unsure of where they belong.”.


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