Virendra Sharma MP, Britain’s most prominent British Indian Labour politician, says Chancellor Philp Hammond’s Autumn statement is a total failure- £122bn Brexit black hole, productivity stagnant and working families worse off….reports Asian Lite News

Virendra Sharma MP
Virendra Sharma MP

“The Tories have wasted six years, their economic plan is failing our country,” the veteran MP told Asian Lite. He was responding to the Autumn Statement delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. “Not only have they missed every one of their own targets, but they promised to clear the deficit by now, but instead borrowing is going up and debt is rising.

“There is no plan from the Tory Government for Brexit and they will have to borrow an extra £122 billion by 2020. Working people will suffer the most because of the Tories incompetence, as prices rise and household incomes are squeezed.

“By the Chancellor’s own admission the government have woefully failed to deliver on increasing productivity and slow growth equals bad news for the economy.

“The measures announced today will do nothing to help people struggling to make ends meet in my constituency of Ealing, Southall or across the UK.

“Foodbank numbers are still rising, there is no plan for Brexit, the debt is up, productivity is stagnant, growth is falling and every target missed, this autumn statement was an admission of failure not a programme for the future.

“It might be a new Chancellor but it’s still the same old Tories.”



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