Mr Simon Nayyar

Feltham and Heston Conservative Association has selected Mr Simon Nayyar to stand as the constituency’s Parliamentary Candidate at next year’s General Election.

Paul Jabbal, the Association’s Chairman, said:  “Simon brings with him invaluable experience of political campaigning and media relations.  As a former Parliamentary Candidate in 2010 and having served on the boards of Conservative Friends of India and other Party organisations, he has a real understanding of the kinds of issues facing local residents in their everyday lives.”

Conservative Party Vice-Chairman Alok Sharma MP said: “I know Simon will be working incredibly hard to engage with local residents in Feltham and Heston over the coming months and will make a superb local Member of Parliament who serves every part of the constituency.”

Simon Nayyar, for his part, said: “I am very proud to have been selected by Feltham and Heston Conservatives to represent all the residents, families and communities which make up this constituency. My parents bought their first house in Bedfont and I went to school locally, so being selected here is very special for me.

“Our Government under David Cameron has made enormous progress in putting the economy back on track. But there is much work still to be done and only an outright Conservative victory at the polls on May 7 2015can secure the recovery, deliver a referendum on our membership of the European Union, and enable us to complete the transformation of our public services which our country and this constituency depend upon.

“I very much look forward to meeting local residents on the doorstep and hearing their views about how I can help to bring renewal and change to this constituency.”



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