The STAE works persistantly to change the fate of the Asian elephants and to end their sufferings from the hands of mankind… . reports Asian Lite News

“The Reason I dedicate myself to helping animals so much . . . . .

Is because there are already so many people dedicated to hurting them “

-Author Unknown

Save the Asian Elephants (STAE) is an UK registered Non-Profit Organisation which strives towards the betterment of the Asian Elephants.  Over the last century, the numerical count of these majestic creatures has fallen drastically from a million to only forty thousand. Thus, the need of the hour is to make the world aware of this situation and to garner as much support as possible to save these endangered species.

Displays made by students

In order to do so, the STAE along with the Mayor of Ealing, organised an event on raising awareness about the Asian elephants among school children of Ealing.  The ‘Asian Elephants’ Create Awareness School Competition saw almost 80 primary schools of this borough participate in it. The attendees included the Mayor, the Youth Mayor and a number of MP’s and MEP’s. The school students aged 4-11 years were the main Guests of Honour for the day; for it was through their dedication and support to this project, that a step towards awareness towards the plight of these wondrous creatures was highlighted. The students submitted various artworks, essays and poems in order to raise their voice against elephant abuse.

Duncan McNair with Jean Lambert (MEP, London)

Duncan McNair, founder and CEO of STAE said: “The constituency we chose for this project is young people because they are not only great ambassadors for the cause – they talk to siblings, parents, grandparents and friends – but they are the future hope for the elephants”.

STAE works extensively as a friend and voice to these voiceless creatures. Mr. McNair has initiated a petition to the Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi. He has also started a signature campaign in the UK to support these elephants from abuse in captivity.

Elephants are a part of this planet and have equal rights to live a free life. Their inability to speak should never be accepted as a permission to abuse them in any form. These majestic creatures deserve a happy life in their environment and STAE works relentlessly in order to help their ‘large friends’.

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