45,000 junior doctors across England are likely to stage their first walkout in 40 years on 13 January

healthcareJunior doctors are likely to go on strike after three weeks of talks with NHS bosses and the government failed to resolve the bitter contract row, the Guardian reported.

Sources told the Guardian that England’s 45,000 junior doctors are likely to stage their first walkout in 40 years on 13 January by refusing to provide anything other than emergency cover in hospitals.

The BMA is preparing to issue a statement on Monday outlining how many days of action it will be taking and what form the withdrawal of labour will take if the talks fail.

Dr Johann Malawana, leader of the BMA’s junior doctors committee (JDC), underscored the deep divisions that remain in an update to the 38,000 trainee medics whom the BMA represents.

Malawana told the Guardian that  the recent negotiations between the BMA, NHS Employers and the Department of Health had led to “significant improvements to the offer that frankly so many of us were appalled by in November”. But he said the JDC’s evaluation of progress so far showed that “whilst significant ground has been made … there are still a couple of absolute areas of disagreement”.

Although negotiations during December overseen by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) have led to some progress, both sides agree that they have not found a compromise on fundamental areas of disagreement, including doctors’ pay and hours.



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