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Obesity Awareness and Support - One Year On

A team of professionals in Salford is setting an example for taming obesity menace engulfing the British society….reports Asian Lite News

Obesity Awareness and Support - One Year On
Obesity Awareness and Support – One Year On

The initiative titled OASIS (Obesity Awareness, Support and Information Services) was launched in November 2015 at Salford. It is spearheading a national campaign to stem the growing concern on obesity. They organised a study day at Salford Royal Hospital to raise awareness and review practice in the management of obesity and its related health conditions.

This event featured the establishment of a voluntary body known as the Obesity Awareness, Support and Information Services of Great Britain

(www.OASIS-GB.com). The group brought together a unique mix of members involved not only in the treatment of obesity (surgeons, GPs, clinicians and dieticians) but also in its prevention (health improvement workers, educational providers, youth services, voluntary and community workers). Its aim is to implement joined up approaches to both stopping the problem getting worse and preventing it happening in the first place.

Obesity Awareness and Support - One Year On
Obesity Awareness and Support – One Year On

One year on the group continues to attract members from a broad spectrum: Consultant Surgeons, General Practitioners, Public Health England, Health Improvement, Education, Community Leisure, Youth Zone, Community and Voluntary Services.

Dr Siba Senapati, the Chair of the group, commented : “I am delighted at the response and support of colleagues who have come together from such a broad range of services to tackle the current very serious issue of obesity. One year on from the formation of our group I feel that prevention and intervention services are much better connected and the opportunity for individuals to engage in physical exercise and lifestyle change is easier than it’s ever been. Therefore whilst we shall continue to do our bit, the challenge to individuals is that it’s now very much ‘Over To You’  to take up the opportunities and support readily available in your community.”

Food Obesity Healthy Living Eating
Food Obesity Healthy Living Eating

However the current efforts from all sectors needs to be further joined to make any significant dent into the current obesity epidemic. We need full public support to succeed in this  venture, hence Please join your hands with us to make this happen.

During this past year, the group has established a well connected, multi-service approach in tackling obesity by working towards changing attitudes and behaviours across all age groups in adopting active and healthy lifestyles. For example, there are many highly visible public campaigns – such as Beat the Street, Sugar Smart in Schools and Empower Health – all of which have really helped to raise awareness around obesity and make it easier for people to take up physical exercise and healthy living.

Local leisure offers are now better promoted through GP practices as an alternative to reliance on medical services. Hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets are becoming much more supportive in making their customers aware of the fat, sugar and salt content in their products and many of these companies are moving towards healthier alternatives. Schools and Colleges are very keen to promote the virtues of healthy eating, good hydration and regular exercise to their students.

With all of these things in place, along with the support of the OASIS-GB group in providing a much better connection between prevention and medical intervention, the momentum one year on is now beginning to shift towards individuals in taking up these opportunities.



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Prasobh. P
Prasobh. P

Humans suffer from health issues, ranging from blood pressure to cholesterol to heart problems and the list is endless. There have been attempts going on to curb the menace of these heath problems. But one could hardly say that obesity got the prominence as the others might have enjoyed. So this initiative as mentioned above deserves an attention on their efforts to dent the problems of obesity which looms over human society. It is understand that there may not be any conciousness on obesity in the previous decades as that prriods never developed the health culture to thwart this disease.… Read more »