National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK welcomes former UN deputy secretary General and former Indian Minister Dr Shashi Tharoor as its Patron….reports Asian Lite News

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Dr Sashi Tharoor with Sanam Arora
National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK

The National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK, the apex organisation representing students, alumni and young professionals of Indian origin in the U.K, welcomed Dr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Indian Parliament, as its Patron.

The ceremony was held at the University of Westminster (London), at an event coordinated by the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Westminster in collaboration with the university’s India Media Centre on Friday 3rd March 2017, and supported by NISAU’s affiliate society, the Westminster Indian Society.  Dr Tharoor was at the university to participate in an event organized by Professor Daya Thussu, founder and co-director of the India Media Centre.

With NISAU striving for the betterment of our society and working towards developing constructive change, the guidance and support from Dr Tharoor, who is a former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and a former minister of state for External Affairs and Human Resource Development in the Government of India, will help us build a realistic roadmap to achieve our mission.

Dr Sashi Tharoor at LSE with Sanam Arora and Mr Mohanish Borana, General Secretary of NISAU

Dr Shashi Tharoor, a respected global leader, vocal supporter of human rights, an ambassador of peace, accomplished author and world renowned speaker, was born in London and is a recipient of the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award from the President of India. He is an excellent example of how the Indian diaspora can contribute to India and its development. NISAU as a body representing this diaspora in the UK is hence very privileged to have the guidance and mentorship of Dr Tharoor who took international diplomacy to new heights through his services at the United Nations and as a minister in the Indian Government.

During the ceremony Dr Tharoor spoke about the issues of Indian students in the UK and how Britain should approach India post-Brexit saying, “For any preferential ties with India after leaving the EU, Britain should understand that what India can best offer is its people and their skills, its students, its IT and software professionals and so on…I am not saying Indians should migrate here. As an Indian politician, I want them to come back to India and to serve my country but I would like them to come here and study, if they want, to have a temporary work permit, acquire skills and training that they can use when they come back. But it is becoming more and more difficult for them to possibly do that. Britain must remove some of these obstacles and can create a new framework”, which is in line with NISAU’s proposed two-year visa scheme, the “Fair Visa Fair Chance” campaign.

With this appointment, Dr Tharoor has joined our existing patrons, Virendra Sharma MP (UK), Dr Rami Ranger CBE, the Hon Ram Bilas Sharma, Education Minister of Haryana (India) as Patrons of NISAU which is the largest forum for young people of Indian origin in the UK and an umbrella organisation of Indian student societies in the UK, ultimately representing students, alumni and young professionals of Indian origin in the UK.

Miss Sanam Arora, President of NISAU, said: “It is an absolute delight and honour to welcome Dr Tharoor, an exemplary global leader and leading authority on India support the NISAU as its Patron. Under his guidance and support we will be significantly empowered to achieve our vision of enabling Indian origin students and youth in the UK to contribute positively to India, to the UK, and to the India-UK relationship. This year we celebrate our fifth anniversary, as well as the UK India Year of Culture. There could therefore be no better time for us to welcome him on board as our Patron and we express our sincere gratitude to him for lending us his support.”

Mr Mohanish Borana, General Secretary of NISAU added, “We are privileged to have Dr Shashi Tharoor, who is a former Minister for External Affairs and Human Resource Development of Indian Government, an exemplary politician, a champion diplomat, an astute orator and a world-renowned author, as Patron of NISAU. His thoughts on India pertaining to its history, culture, politics, economics and future have created a sense of positivity in Indian youths and has brought India’s soft powers at the forefront. No wonder the future leaders of India hugely follow this ‘Global Leader of Tomorrow’ whose work towards the global peace and human rights is truly inspirational. Surely, his association with us as our Patron will inspire our team to work for our collective goal of a better tomorrow with a much more dedication and passion.”

The NISAU expresses gratitude to the India Media Centre at the University of Westminster and its Co-Director Professor Daya Thussu for their support in coordinating the formal announcement of the patronage.



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