Stand against EXTREMISM . Students at the Manchester Grammar School staged an exhibition to mark the Holocaust Memorial Day….reports Asian Lite News

Auschwitz’s infamous railway tracks by Charlie Pozniak

Year 12 student Charlie Pozniak also gave a moving and passionate assembly entitled Humanising the Holocaust to Year 11 students about his trip to Auschwitz, where he spoke about the need for everyone in society to take a stand against EXTREMISM.

Charlie said: “Going to Auschwitz was incredibly and emotionally moving, and I realised it could have been any one of us there. Once you put yourself in the shoes of the inmates, then you can really just imagine the horror. The message I took was that if you see someone is in need, or being wrongfully persecuted, being segregated or ostracised, then it is your job to help them, no matter who you are or what your preach.”

Mayer Hersh by Nigel Maitland

The exhibition also included text and images from staff and boys who have visited concentration camps, a series of vases developed by Year 11 pupil Demetri Jenkins after visiting the sensory war section of the Manchester Art Gallery as part of his GCSE coursework, artwork by students inspired by the Holocaust and a display inviting staff, parents, boys and visitors to share their emotional response to the exhibition or their personal experiences by writing them on a luggage tag and attaching them to the display itself.

Charlie Pozniak
Charlie Pozniak

A specially-commissioned portrait of Mayer Hersh MBE by photographer Nigel Maitland was also displayed that will afterwards form part of MGS’s Archive.

Charlie’s assembly, in full, can be read at






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