What on earth can a shadow do to you, mate, I mean seriously, if that female ‘chayya’ nicks you what do you have to do, have a bath?…..writes Bikram Vohra

Sreedevi KHow do you explain gross? You can explain stupidity and even create a defence for prejudice. But when a so called literary event in Kerala is hijacked by the acme of absurdity in that the translator of a book by former President Abdul Kalam is disallowed from the stage because she is a woman you have to wonder if there is no end to kooks. Sreedevi S Kartha, the translator, was not invited to the function to please the Swami

It seems there is this seer in Kerala who cannot have even the shadow of a woman fall upon him. Since Swami Das is the so called guru of the publisher of the book his wishes had to be carried out. Ergo, no women in the first three rows to avoid the shadow hassle.

Wow, in 2015, at a time when our PM is talking hi tech to Silicon Valley… what an incredible contrast. And we haven’t even got to the good part yet.

What on earth can a shadow do to you, mate, I mean seriously, if that female ‘chayya’ nicks you what do you have to do, have a bath?

You know why women can’t be in the vicinity… because they are impure. Since the swami himself popped out of mummy’s tummy it does seem bizarre in the extreme to speak of the compromise in purity, whatever that is.

Are there any takers for this sort of nonsense?

But it happened in Thrissur and the event was called off after a bunch of women decided to invade the premises and rightly park themselves in the front row forcing old Swami Das to boycott the function because you never know what comes out of the shadows.

In delightful irony the book is called ‘Transcendence; my spiritual experiences with Pramukh Swamiji’ and admittedly they did transcend into complete nonsense.

Former President Abdul Kalam, who was a decent and tolerant man of the people must be spinning in his grave that a book of his was the centre of such an obnoxious controversy.

Does this Swami Das have any followers? Is there anyone who agrees with him in that everything having two sides, there is another side to this and someone can actually make a case against women and their shadows.



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