smokingTobacco companies will be asked to pay the Government an annual levy to cover the cost of helping people to stop smoking, according to a new report.

Campaigners have warned of a “startling and widening” health gap in society – as Britons living below the poverty line are more likely to live in a household that smokes.

The Action on Smoking and Health group also wants the Government to set ambitious targets to make tobacco use less prolific nationwide. At present, 19% people smoke – but the organisation wants this slashed to just 5% in the next 20 years reports Sky News.

Elsewhere in its report, ASH recommends that anti-smoking films are shown before TV shows and films which feature people smoking – especially if they are likely to be seen by children.

According to the group, tobacco firms in the UK generated profits of £1bn last year, and are responsible for the premature deaths of 80,000 people annually.



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