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University Programmes Boost Student Morales

Grace Knowles from Tile Hill Wood School, BBC journalist Priya Patel, Gurpreet Dhaliwal from Campion School & Claudi Geraghty also from Campion School

The six month long programme designed by the University of Warwick have immensely benefitted the participants. . . .reports Asian Lite News

The University of Warwick had designed a six months long course for students to improve on their A-Level skills. This programme was designed by the Department of Law and almost twenty- five pupils from different schools of the region participated in it.

The course comprised lectures and workshops where the participants got first hand information and vocational training from authors and leading journalists. Such training gave the students a knowledgeable insight into the practical world of employment and boosted their skills in their chosen field. Meeting renowned personalities from the world of literature and journalist boosted their morale. It also provided them to have a one-on-one interaction and gain more information and knowledge regarding the working of the specific fields.

This course culminated with an award ceremony, where the best 2500 word essay on Social Justice was awarded with a month long internship and a chance to get published in Lacuna. This award was bagged by Gurpreet Dhaliwal from Campion School, Leamington Spa who wrote an essay called ‘Human Trafficking, an underworld crime’. Grace Knowles from Tile Hill Wood School, Coventry who wrote ‘The segregation of social classes’ and Claudi Geraghty also from Campion School, whose essay was called ‘The United Kingdom of the homeless’; were declared as the runners-up. The three were presented with their awards by BBC political journalist Priya Patel.

Gurpreet said: “I didn’t expect to win at all so it’s a great surprise. I’d like to say thank you to Anil and his team at the School of Law so for their help and support throughout the project.” Gurpreet’s teacher, Steve Bolsover from Campion School said: “The writing wrongs essay competition was a big confidence boost to our two winning pupils and to our school to get both Gurpreet and Claudi recognised for their essay writing skills,”

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